The short anime movie “Marudase Kintarou”, which will be screened at the Boys Love anime event “BL FES!! 2020 -Boys Love Festival!! 2020-” just released a new trailer.
Moreover, Terashima Takuma and Hatano Wataru were announced as additional cast, and Morikawa Toshiyuki (Masaka Kintaro’s voice) will be singing the opening theme.

The ordinary school days of Onodera Academy’s board chairman and student, Onodera Makoto, are drastically changed when the late principal’s testament is unveiled: “Whoever is able to flirt and seduce Makoto, and make him their bride will be given the right to take over as the new principal!”. Now it is up to Makoto’s lover and bodyguard, Kintaro, to protect him from the heinous horde of teachers and students from Onodera Academy and even an assassin sent from Karakawa, the school’s branch location.
The story is a mix of gag comedy and action, which makes it a very peculiar anime in the Boys Love genre.

The footage of the trailer shows a glimpse of Kintaro using his special technique “Chissatsu Porori Otoshi”(Deadly Shameful Inaverted Diving Drop) and leaves the audience curious and wondering what kind of catastrophic plot will revolve around the two lovers.

As additional casting, Hatano Wataru will be playing Kawakara’s branch school principal, Inukai, while Terajima Takuma will be playing Naraha Momotaro, a character who plays a key role in the story.
The lyrics for the theme song “Ai wa Muteki”(Love is Invincible) were written by the author of the original manga, Guren Okami, and performed by Morikawa Toshiyuki, in the role of Kintaro. The theme song will be also be made available on streaming services at a later date.

The short anime movie “Marudase Kintaro” will premiere alongside “Yes, No, or Maybe” starting on Dec. 11 at Shinjuku Wald 9, and other locations throughout Japan for 2 weeks.
Theater goods include a clear file folder with a special illustration done by Guren.