The final movie of the anime “Gintama”, “Gintama THE FINAL” has finally been released on January 8. So, a special video that is filled with the grateful “Thank You” comments from the extravagant members to the fans that had supported “Gintama” up until now.

The “Special ‘Thank You’ Video filled with 15 years of gratitude” feature the cast members of Yorozuya & Shinsengumi’s characters, including Sugita Tomokazu (voice of the protagonist Gin-san), Sakaguchi Daisuke (voice of Shimura Shinpachi), Kugimiya Rie (voice of Kagura), Takahashi Minami (voice of Sadaharu), Chiba Susumu (voice of Kondou Isao), Nakai Kazuya (voice of Hijikata Toushirou), and Suzumura Kenichi (voice of Okita Sougo). Do check out their unique “Thank You”, which reminds you of their role.

The members of SPYAIR and DOES, which had handled the opening and ending of the anime “Gintama” from times to times, have also made an appearance. The featured members are IKE and KENTA from SPYAIR, which handled the theme song “Wadachi” of the movie “Gintama THE FINAL”, and Ujihara Wataru from DOES, which handled the insert song “Douraku Shinjo” and “Breakdown”. The gorgeous gathering of the 3 “Gintama Singer” can only be seen here.

“Gintama” has continued for 15 years by breaking common sense, as well as destroying the common sense of the anime industry by doing whatever they want. The finale of the anime “Gintama”, “Gintama THE FINAL”, that contained the all-out of the author, voice actors, as well as the staff, has finally been released on January 8.

(C) Sorachi Hideaki/ Gintama the Movie Production Committee