The smartphone game app “Jumpuchi Heroes”, which has a lot of “Weekly Shonen Jump” characters, started to broadcast a new TV commercial from April 21, 2021. This TV ad is about playing shiritori (Japanese word game) with the narration by Taketatsu Ayana. A comment from Taketatsu has arrived.

“Jumpuchi Heroes” is popping PRG of “Friendship, Hard Work, and Victory” that started from March 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of “Weekly Shonen Jump”. Under the story of taking down the demon king that put the heart of darkness in Jump characters, the historical line-up of the Jump characters are the appealing point of the app. Exciting battle by the characters can be enjoyed by simply tapping on the screen that recreates the important scenes from the original manga.

The new TV ad released this time connects the heroes and heroines from “Weekly Shonen Jump” manga with the narration by Taketatsu Ayana.

Taketatsu started the recording session relaxingly by pronouncing the names of the characters and the special moves with the rhythms. She focused on the practice of pronouncing the names rapidly, and even when she was asked, “do you want to have the character names shorter, when pronouncing rapidly?”, she answered, “No, I want to continue what I am doing”.
She changed the tone of her voice several times and some staff are charmed by her variety of skills.

The TV ad “Character Shiritori Arc.” of “Jumpuchi Heroes” will be broadcast from April 21 around Japan except for few regions. the 2nd TV ad is upcoming on April 28.

【Taketatsu Ayana】
My name is Taketatsu Ayana, and I was the narrator for this TV commercial. This world is like a dream, where all heroes and heroines from “Weekly Shonen Jump” assembled in one occasion! I want to start playing “Jumpuchi Heroes”, too! Shiritori and quick reading made me feel that I was playing the game, and I really enjoyed it. If you watched the ad, please try the quick reading! Thank you.

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