The Japanese dubbed version of the Chinese full-CG animation movie called “White Snake”, starring Mimori Suzuko and Sakuma Daisuke, will be released on July 30, 2021.
Moreover, the key visual, and the promotion movie with the main theme song “YUAN”, sung by Snow Man, have been revealed and Shibata Hidekatsu, Ishikawa Kaito, and Honda Takako were announced to be additional cast.

“White Snake” is the full-CG animation movie produced by the team of Warner Bros. Pictures and Light Chaser Animation Studios.
It is based on the Chinese legend known as “White Snake”, which already has become the source of the first Japanese color animation movie, and depicts the story of true love between a human and a monster that connects the two over the time barrier.

The teaser visual of the Japanese dubbed version is designed by the famous Chinese ink brush painter called Dolly Chang. The traditional impressive touch and the design implicates a love story in a great scale.

Moreover, the official YouTube channel for the Japanese dubbed version revealed the promotion movie that used the main theme song called “YUAN” by Snow Man. Moreover, it was announced that James Sie will be played by Hibata Hidekatsu, Vincent Rodriguez III by Ishikawa Kaito, and Karen Huie by Honda Takako. The comments from Sakuma, Shibata, Ishikawa, and Honda have arrived.

The animation movie “White Snake-YUAN-” will be released on July 30, 2021. Advance tickets coming with an original clear file will be available from April 30.

【Sakuma Daisuke】

This time we, Snow Man, will be singing the main theme song for the Japanese dubbed version of “White Snake-YUAN-“. Personally, I will be starring in both acting and singing, and I am honored that I received such a wonderful offer. The theme song, “YUAN”, uses the Chinese musical instrument called an erhu, and it enhances the world of China. Moreover, this music is evolves around the idea of “YUAN” (meaning “connection” in Chinese) and various phrases related to the movie were used. Also, I believe both Japanese and Chinese fans can enjoy this music because the song uses both Japanese and Chinese lyrics. I hope I can make the movie better through the theme song. Please enjoy the movie “White Snake-YUAN-” with the theme song.

【Shibata Hidekatsu, playing James Sie】
The legend of the white snake is one of the most famous stories in China, and at the same time, it became the basis of the god Benzaiten. I am honored that I can play an important role of the regional leader in the movie. Unluckily, we could not hold a recording session together with many other cast due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but I look forward to seeing the completed version since it has such a a high quality.

【Ishikawa Kaito, playing Dao Shi】

Since this movie is a wonderful opportunity to participate with many experienced actors, I, personally thought that I can learn many things from them as an actor. I was shocked to see such wonderful drawings and the story that made me so emotional. I know that this movie can be enjoyed both by adults and children, but I especially want adults to watch this movie. I think there is a message that only experienced adults can find, so please visit the theaters and feel that.

【Honda Takako, playing Karen Huie】

I was excited when I received an offer for this movie, which is the former story of heroine of the famous title, because I love Chinese fantasy. The music that gains your attention suddenly, a mysterious and fantastic scenery and background designs, and a respectable hero and heroine who faces a great fate…they are all the important factors of Chinese fantasy. Please come to the theaters and watch the movie.

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