A voice actress Uesaka Sumire and a movie director Kumasaka Izuru became the judges for the “CG Animation Category” in the largest international movie festival, which is recognized by the Academy Awards in the United States called “Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2020” (Also known as SSFF & ASIA). Also, the online talk event where Bessho Tetsuya and the two will discuss the current situation of CG animation has been decided.discuss about current situation of CG animation, has been decided.

“SSFF & ASIA CG Animation Category” was created under the collaboration between the movie festival and Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd.
To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020, the movie that has been nominated for 92nd United States Academy Award Short Animation Category” will be shown, a total of 22 outstanding works from 14 regions will be streamed online, and a movie “dro:p”, which had won “Best CG Animation Award” and Grand Prix in “DIGITAL FRONTIER GRAND PRIX 2020”, the create award given by Digital Hollywood.

On Aug.27, the representative actor Bessho Takuya, and the judges of “CG Animation Category”, including Uesaka and Kumasaka, will make appearances in the online event. They will discuss important points to see and introduce some movies shown at thefor “CG Animation Category”.

“Short Short Film Festival & Asia 2020” will be held from Sept. 16 to 27 onlineon the internet and few event sites in Tokyo.
Online event “CG Animation Category Judge Talk Event~What is the Trend in CG Animation Predicted from Nominated Movies?~” will be held oin YouTube Live from Aug. 27 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm. Registration oin Peatix is required although no fee is chargedrequired.