Hanae Natsuki and Shimono Hiro will be appearing in the film version of the anime ” Gyokou no Nikuko-chan (literally Nikuko-chan from the Fishing Port)” planned and produced by Akashiya Sanma, and this trailer has been released.

The film is based on the best-selling novel by Nishi Kanako, which won the 152nd Naoki Prize and has sold over 350,000 copies. The film depicts the trajectory and growth of Nikuko and Kikuko, a mother and daughter living alone on a boat in a fishing port.

The film will be directed by Watanabe Ayumu, who took the megaphone for “Doraemon: Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006” and “Children of the Sea”, with character design and chief animation director Konishi Kenichi, a first-year Studio Ghibli student who worked as animation director for “The Tale of the Princess Kaguya” and “Children of the Sea”, script by Oshima Satomi of “Nagi’s Long Vacation”, and animation production by STUDIO4°C, known for “Tekkonkinkreet”, “Children of the Sea”, and “Poupelle of Chimney Town”.

This time, along with the trailer, it was also announced that “Image no Uta”, a cover of Yoshida Takuro’s famous song which Akashiya Sanma says is his “life textbook”, will be the theme song, and “Taketen”, a newly written song by GReeeeN, will be the ending theme. Both songs are included in the trailer along with a new video.

“Gyokou no Nikuko-chan”will open nationwide on June 11, 2021.

Planning and production: Akashiya Sanma

▼About ” Image no Uta”
When I was working on the TV drama “Jimmy: The True Story of a True Idiot”, I realized that even a song that is ingrained in my body can be conveyed to the people of today, and I wanted to perform “Image no Uta” in some way. So, I contacted Yoshida Takuro and he gave me the OK.
I told him that I wanted the song to be sung by a woman, so I would like to change the lyrics, and he said, “Sure, sure, whatever you want.” He said.
I realized that this song needed to have these lyrics. I wanted to have a woman sing it, but it was difficult to change the lyrics, so I thought it would be better to have a little girl sing the adult lyrics. This time, I asked a 10-year-old girl, Inagaki Kurumi, to sing it, and she understood it incredibly well. I told her the story of how Quincy Jones told Bob Dylan to sing like he was talking, and when I asked her to do it like that, she said, “Yes, Bob Dylan.” And wrote his name down on the lyric sheet (lol). I’m glad that this song will be released to the world again.

▼About the ending theme song “Taketen”
I had been in contact with HIDE of GReeeeN for a long time, and when I was having dinner with a good friend of mine, I jokingly asked HIDE to write a song for the movie, but it was passed on the spot. After a while, HIDE asked me, “Can I write a song for the movie?” He wrote this song by gathering information about me from TV and magazines when I was young, and he did a lot of research about me. I was bowled over. I sent HIDE about five ideas for the song’s name. 
HIDE understood that I was obsessed with “laughter” and said, “I appreciate other title ideas, but ‘Taketen’ is what I want. That’s how we decided on “Taketen”.

Theme song sound production, ending theme: GReeeeN

By chance, Sanma-san came across a wonderful book called “Gyokou no Nikuko-chan”. We, GReeeeN, read the book and enjoyed writing the song! Before we started writing the song, we talked with Sanma-san many times and imagined the scene of the movie, and we came up with the ending theme song “Taketen”. I’m sure that’s what you’re thinking. The title of the song, “Taketen”, was given to me by Sanma-san!!
In your mind, write the word “Ten” for tempura under “Takekanmuri”. A certain character may have come to your mind. (It’s not exactly “heaven”, but…) There is someone who wants to make you laugh, there is someone who wants you to laugh. And there is someone who wants you to be happy. That’s how I feel! I was also involved in the sound production of the theme song, “Image no Uta”. With respect for Yoshida Takuro, the original composer of the song, I received an idea from Sanma-san that he wanted a little girl to sing the song, and after discussing it with Takebe-san, the arranger, the song was completed. I was touched by the wonderful straightness of Inagaki Raizumi, who sang the song! Please watch the movie in theaters and pay attention to the music as well. !!!!

Theme song sung by Inagaki Kurumi

I like to sing, but I’m not a good singer, and I was very nervous. During the recording session, HIDE and the staff made it very easy for me to understand the song by saying, “Sing this part as if you were singing at the end of fourth period gym class. So, it was very easy and interesting to sing. Sanma-san praised me very much. I was confident that Mr. Sanma had chosen me for my voice, and I sang the song. Sanma-san and all the staff nodded their heads, so I think it turned out to be a very good song.

(C) 2021 “Gyokou no Nikuko-chan” Production Committee