“RON’S GONE WRONG (Ron Boku no Ponkotsu Bot)”, the first theatrical animated feature produced by an up-and-coming British animation studio Locksmith Animation, and distributed by The Walt Disney Company Japan will go on air nationwide on October 22th, 2021. Before its release, they have disclosed some new still pictures of Ron, a malfunctioning digitally connected device aka “B*Bot” and Barney, a friendless and lonely boy together. The two look adorable in every picture.

“B*Bot” is the name of a modern, robot-looking device that plays a significant role in this film. You can do anything and everything with “B*Bot” such as surf the web, take photos, call someone, watch TV, play games, and listen to music. It even helps find a friend that best matches you. “B*Bot” is everyone’s dream put into reality.

In the world of “RON‘S GONE WRONG (Ron Boku no Ponkotsu Bot)” everyone lives with this “B*Bot”. However, when lonely Barney orders for one, he receives a malfunctioning “B*Bot” named Ron. Ron takes an extremely long time to load, cannot access online, nor even search for Barney’s friend. Barney explains to Ron the “conditions” of people that he thinks he can be friends with and teaches him “how to make a friend”. As he spends his time with Ron, Barney gradually realizes that Ron has an extraordinary characteristic which the other “B*Bot” does not own.

The recently disclosed still pictures point up Ron’s clumsy but adorable character. In one picture, Barney teaches Ron how to make a friend in front of a board that says “How to be my friend” without using any digital devices. Other pictures show Ron high-fiving with Barney or the two lying down on an open field.

While there are pictures that show the two are getting closer, some of them are for you to laugh at Ron’s clumsiness. In one picture, Ron’s eyes are not in the position they are supposed to be, and in another one, he is dripping wet at the poolside. These pictures keep Ron’s image away from a high-tech, robot-looking device of the latest model.

In the era of communication through SNS, how would Ron and Barney develop their friendship while communicating with each other face-to-face? “RON’S GONE WRONG (Ron Boku no Ponkotsu Bot)” will be released on October 22th, 2021.

“RON’S GONE WRONG (Ron Boku no Ponkotsu Bot)”
Released on October 22th (Fri)
Original Title: RON’S GONE WRONG
Director: Jean-Philippe Vine, Sarah Smith
Producer: Locksmith Animation
Distributor: The Walt Disney Company Japan

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