The cast members for the Japanese dub of “Godzilla vs. Kong” (Released Date: May 14, 2021) have been announced. The cast members, include Tsuda Kenjirou, Sakamoto Maaya, Ashida Mana, and Tanaka Kei.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” is the latest “Monster Versus” series, which features the crossover the massive world setting of the Hollywood “Godzilla” series and “Kong: Skull Island”.
This dream matchup was once again realized since the Japanese “King Kong vs. Godzilla” in 1962.

Also, in this work, Oguri Shun will play a key role, which is Serizawa Ren, the son of professor Serizawa Ishirou, who was acted by Watanabe Ken in the previous two Hollywood’s “Godzilla” series.
Then, it was announced that Ashida Mana, Tanaka Kei, Tanaka Yuuji, Onoue Matsuya, Tanaka Minami, Tsuda Kenjirou, and Sakamoto Maaya are the cast members for the Japanese dub.

Also, the theme song for the Japanese ver. “Into the Deep”, the latest song by MAN WITH A MISSION, was used in the teaser for the Japanese dub, which will hype up the expectation of this movie.

“Godzilla vs. Kong” will be released on May 14.

Tsuda Kenjirou (49), Voice of Nathan Lind (Played by Alexander Skarsgård)

A former Monarch geologist

I’m happy to be able to participate in the dubbing of such a grand work. This is a tremendous film that is filled with surprises. The recording was done carefully and smoothly, so do enjoy this film in the theatre.

Sakamoto Maaya (41), Voice of Dr. Ilene Andrews (Played by Rebecca Hall)

A Monarch anthropological linguist

I have many friends, who are looking forward to the release of “Godzilla vs. Kong”, so I wanted to brag that my voice will appear in the film and I am finally able to do it now!
There are some scenes that I want to watch in the theatre, so I am also looking forward to watch it in the theatre.