The book “Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures”, with the sales over 4.2 million copies will become an animation movie titled “Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures the Movie”. The teaser visual was released together with the announcement, and was revealed that it is planned to be released on Roadshow in the summer of 2022.

The “Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures” series (published by Takahashi Shoten) is the popular series by Imaizumi Tadaaki, which contains interesting facts of animals that “makes you want tell it to someone else”. Throughout the series, with humorous words they introduce “pitiful facts” about the evolution of animals that makes you feel “what happened to the process itself?” . In the past, TV anime adoption and live-action mini drama have been created related to the book.

In the movie, the original stories will be shown in 3 locations on the Earth; the South Pole, Australia, and Japan (Azumino, Nagano).
The movie will be directed by Fun Works, the studio known for TV anime “Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures” and “Sumikko Gurashi the Movie”.

Comments from the original author Imaizumi Tadaaki and the producer Takayama Akira have arrived.

“Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures the Movie” will be on Roadshow in the summer of 2022.

In charge of the original work: Imaizumi Tadaaki
“Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures” now becomes an anime. I was surprised when I heard about it. The editorial office staff seemed to enjoy creating the book by learning about the pitiful reality of the creatures…
Wow, now it is becoming an animation movie!? I want to know how “pitifulness” is depicted in the movie.
Pitiful creatures will make you smile. Everyone is living up to their fullest although they could not evolve well or being wired…
I hope we can deliver such a message to children, parents, and everyone else through those kind of animals…
I cannot wait for the completion. Please look forward for the roadshow.
Imaizumi Tadaaki

Producer Takayama Akira (Fun Works)
“Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures” is now becoming a movie after becoming an anime adoption in 2018.
We are currently producing the movie with the best members to create the world where the pitiful creatures gain full attention!
See you at the theaters in 2022!
Takayama Akira (Fun Works)

(C) 2022 “Encyclopedia of Pitiful Creatures the Movie” Production Committee (C) TAKAHASHI SHOTEN