“Mobile Suit Gundam the Movie: Reconguista in G III”-“Relic from Space” will be released on July 22, 2021. Moreover, the key visual and the special news have been released. The message from the director Tomino Yuuki is now available.

“Reconguista in G” is set in the post-space age called “Regild Century (R.C)” and is directed by Tomino Yoshiyuki, who is the original author for “Mobile Suit Gundam”.
In the movie series, the TV series were nicely edited and new scenes were added to become part 1 and 2.

This time, the key visual, the special news, and the message from the director Tomino Yuuki have been released.
The theme song “G” by DREAMS COME TRUE has been used for the special news video, is the roadshow is waited.

“Reconguista in G-Relic from the Space” will be released on July 22, 2021.

Director Tomino Yoshiyuki

The Part 3 for “Reconguista in G” will be released soon. Since “G-Reco” was targeting young fans, it could be continued in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. I remembered that anime production could be continued because of the fans. I feel like I became young again.

In the part 3, the characters are taking a step to space with the subtitle, “Relic from Space”. Beril learns that Aida, whom Beril longed for, is related by blood. He depresses, and I known that this is a taboo, but it is EXCTING!

As all of you know, I believe that Covid-19 pandemic continues for a year or so. I worry about the staff catching Covid-19, but this is the source of energy to produce anime. We all can feel great by accomplishing the task with controlled health. This is the fundamental part of “G-Reco”, and please look forward for part 4 and 5 in addition to upcoming part 3!
Look grandpa will do his best!

(C) Sotsu, SUNRISE