From the TV anime “Bakuten!!”, which was broadcast from April 15 (Thu), the summary and advance scene cuts of episode 2 “I want to jump together!” have been released

“Bakuten!!” is about a boy named Futaba Shoutarou, who encounters “men’s rhythmic gymnastics” in the last summer of his junior high school life and enrolls in Soshukan High School as he is fascinated by it. He joins the men’s rhythmic gymnastics club and runs at full speed with his friends in this “sport-oriented x youthful ensemble” drama.

The title of the second episode is “I want to jump together!”
After Shoutarou succeeds in doing a backflip for the first time in his life, he decides to join the men’s rhythmic gymnastics club.
In order to improve their teamwork, Shoutarou begins living in a dormitory with the other members of the club.

In preparation for the test to participate in the team competition with all six members, he receives guidance from Misato, an experienced gymnast.
With only a week to go before the test, Shoutarou’s special training begins.

“Bakuten!!” Episode 2 “I want to jump together!” began airing on Fuji Television’s “Noitamina” channel from April 15, 2021 (Thursday).

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