TV show “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Tuesday 【Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya】” was broadcast on April 13, 2021 at ABEMA. The mascot characters came as the secret guests to celebrate the beginning of the Tuesday’s show of this new season.

The first Tuesday’s show of “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI” began with Shimono Hiro’s word, “See? I told you I won’t treat you badly”. Since it was the first show of the season, Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya seemed were excited and they appeared by shouting “Yeah!!!” and “Foo!”. They then greeted the fans that they will be continuing their MC following the previous season.

Moreover, the mascot characters appeared as the secret guests to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of them forming a pair. After the mascot characters showed off their unique talents, they commented “they make me relax” and “Ah, they are sooo cute” while interacting with the mascot characters.
While such a wonderful time continues, two mysterious animal costumes were hiding among the characters. Shimono and Uchida seemed suspicious of the two guys, but they seemed to understand something from their behavior. The one wearing the costumes were the announcer Kiyono Shigeki and psychic comedian Kick, and they are like the sub-regular members of the Tuesday’s show. After seeing their faces, Shimono and Uchida reacted with relief, and happily commented, “I knew it” and “It’s too obvious”.

During the show, they decided what to do for Shimono Hiro’s Birthday for the next week’s program (April 20) with gigantic human roulette in the “Deciding what to do for Hiro’s birthday! Destiny giant roulette SUPER!” corner. Shimono Hiro laid on the huge roulette on the ground to become an arrow and other casts turn the roulette to decide his appearing moment, food, and his costumes. Shimono looks anxious because of the YOASOBI’s hilarous choices by the staff, including “appearing by riding on a white horse” and “appearing by riding on a London bus”, seemed not serious enough. After he showed off his gigantic human roulette, he commented “why am I doing such thing?”.

Then, Uchida decided Shimono’s costume for the next show. She began choosing his outfits from various choices of a suit, a kindergarten uniform, a doctor uniform, a professional baseball player outfit, a pilot uniform, etc. from the views of the fans. The costume is decided to be “doctor”, and Uchida happily commented, “Wow, doctor’s uniform is a wonderful choice! This was my first choice!”, while Shimono sadly reacted, “Why I am wearing a doctor’s uniform on my 41st birthday?”.

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