“Backflip!!” is coming to the online lottery service “Kujibikido”. The lineup prizes included illustrations based on the theme “training”.

Based on the idea of “training”, the prizes of the “Backflip!! Lottery” feature illustrations of the characters doing some serious training while breaking a sweat.
Beginning from the S-tier tapestry, the lottery is packed with exclusive prizes.

“Backflip!! Lottery” tickets are 750JPY (tax included/shipping fees excluded) per try, available for purchase from 17:00 on September 6 until 16:59 on October 6, at “Kujibikido”.
Customers who buy the “10-Tries Ticket” will receive a gift “Bromide”.
“Kujibikido” will giveaway the “C-Tier 76mm Diameter Tin Badge 12-Type Set” to 3 people who follow official Twitter account and retweet certain tweets throughout the duration of the lottery.

(C)Backflip Production Committee