“SHAMAN KING”, the brand new anime adaptation starting from Apr. 2021, the shaman with afro hairstyle called “Chocolove McDonell” will be played by the voice actor Kumai Motoko. The comment from Kumai has arrived.

“SHAMAN KING”‘s original work is the manga by Takei Hiroyuki and it has sold over 35 million copies throughout the series publication. The first anime adaptation started broadcasting in 2001, and from Apr. 2021, a brand-new remake will start.

The series’ plot is about Asakura You, a “Shaman” who can communicate with gods and spirits, entering the competition held once every 500 years called “Shaman Fight” to become “Shaman king”, the king of planet.
The information related to additional characters and casts have been released. It was announced that Kumai Motoko will play “Chocolove McDonell, a shaman with afro hairstyle.

TV anime “SHAMAN KING” will be broadcast from Apr. 2021 on TV Tokyo related channels.

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Kumai Motoko, playing Chocolove McDonell

Q1. Please tell me appealing point of this anime.

It is plenty exciting to see many shamans with different backgrounds, races, religions, etc. come together and fight to become Shaman King.

Q2. Please tell me your feeling toward playing Chocolove McDonell.

Fortifying the immune system. Getting a good sleep. A balanced diet. Keeping your body warm. There are so many thing that you can do to enrich yourself, but what is the easiest thing to do…? That is, laughing! Making a wonderful smile! Chocolove’s love will save the world!!!

(C) Takei Hiroyuki, Kodansha/ SHAMAN KING Project. TV Toktyo