Mizuki Nana will be playing Tamamura Tamao again in “Shaman King” (starting in April 2021) in 20 years. Also, it was announced that Miyazono Takumu will be playing Ponchi and Kanze Noriaki will be playing Conchi.

“Shaman King” is a story of “Shamans” who can communicate with gods and spirits, fighting in the “Shaman Fight” held once every 500 years to choose the “Shaman King”, who controls all things in the universe.
Takei Hiroyuki-sensei created the original manga, “Shaman King”, which was serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1998 to 2004. He followed with “Shaman King Flowers” on “Jump Kai” from 2011 to 2014 and now, “Shaman King The Super Star” is serialized in Kodansha’s “Shonen Magazine Edge”.

3 additional cast members were announced.
Mizuki Nana will be playing Tamamura Tamao, a disciple of the Asakura Family, a distinguished family of Shamans.
Ponchi, the tanuki spirit that serves Tamao, will be played by Miyazono Takumu, and Conchi, the fox spirit, will be played by Kanze Noriaki.

Mizuki Nana as Tamamura Tamao

Q1. Tell us about the fascination of this work.

That would be the personality of the protagonist, Yoh!
Most heroes of battle mangas are hot-blooded, but Yoh is the opposite. He has a laid back, “things will work out” spirit, and is full of charm that wins the hearts of both allies and enemies.
His relaxed attitude lets him absorb many things to break through his limits… I really admire him, since I’m the type that gets overly tense, haha.

Q2. Tell us your feelings on playing Tamamura Tamao.

I didn’t think I would be playing Tamao again in 20 years! I’m surprised and flattered!
I’ll bring back my innocent self who used to shake in front of the mic and do my best!

Miyazono Takumu as Ponchi

Q1. Tell us about the fascination of this work.

The many fascinating characters, their thoughts, reasons to fight, dreams they want to fulfill… They’re all different and you can feel the rich depth of the work.
It’s dramatic yet we can feel a sense of intimacy like it’s something that could happen to us. How can this not be amazing?

Q2. Tell us your feelings on playing Ponchi.

I was given the opportunity to take on the role of Ponchi.
He’s been a spirit for over 400 years but is still a mischievous brat, he’s very human though he’s a tanuki, and even wears diapers… Very nice. Cute yet provoking, I just love him.
With my partner, Conchi, we’ll pull pranks with all our heart and soul. Please watch over us with warm eyes.

Kanze Noriaki as Conchi

Q1. Tell us about the fascination of this work.

I personally love the cool design of the Over Souls.
Each weapon depicts well the characters while appealing to a boy’s fantasy!

And thanks to Yoh’s personality, the work usually has a laid back vibe, but can pull it’s socks up when needed.
I think this change in pace makes this work so fascinating.

Q2. Tell us your feelings on playing Conchi.

I never thought I would be part of this anime I used to watch as a child.
It’s an honor to be able to take on Conchi, who was played by a great predecessor.
We will do our best to deliver you Ponchi and Conchi, who love pranks and having fun, to bring a smile to your faces!

(C) Takei Hiroyuki, Kodansha / Shaman King Project, TV Tokyo