SouOsumi Yoko has been added to the cast of the TV anime “SHAMAN KING”, which will start airing on TV Tokyo in April 2021. In addition, a comment from her has arrived.

“SHAMAN KING” is the story of Asakura Yoh, one of the “shamans” who can communicate with gods and spirits, who aims to become the “Shaman King”, the king of the stars who controls all things in the universe, and fights in the “Shaman Fight” held once every 500 years to compete for the title.
The original manga by Takei Hiroyuki is currently being serialized in a new chapter called “SHAMAN KING THE SUPER STAR” in “Shonen Magazine Edge”.

Soumi Yoko plays the role of Lyserg Diethel, a shaman in London, England. Soumi-san commented, “I’ll do my best to go back to the beginning. Please help me!”

The TV anime “SHAMAN KING” will start airing in April 2021 on TV Tokyo.

Soumi Yoko comments
–Could you tell us about the appeal of this work?

What can I say? It’s the “let’s go slow” spirit of Yoh. If we could, we’d go slow too! I think that’s what he’s longing for. And not only is Yoh-kun loose, he’s also strong! …… It’s too unfair!

–Can you tell us about your enthusiasm for playing the character of Lyserg Diethel?

Twenty years ago, I was given the role of Lyserg, even though I had never played a boy before. It was a regular role on ……. The excitement of that time is coming back to me now! I’ll do my best to go back to the beginning and look forward to working with everyone!

(C) Takei Hiroyuki, Kodansha/SHAMAN KING Project, TV Tokyo