New cast members have been announced for the TV anime “Burning Kabaddi” which will start airing in April 2021. Kamio Shinichiro, Komada Wataru, and Murase Ayumi will be joining the cast.

“Burning Kabaddi” is based on the original Kabaddi manga by Musashino Hajime that has been serialized on “Manga One” and has a cumulative PV count of over 120 million.

Kamio Shinichiro, Komada Wataru, and Murase Ayumi play first-year students at Nokyo High School, the same school as the main character Yoigoshi Tatsuya. Kamio Shinichiro plays Ban Nobutaka, who looks up to Yoigoshi, Komada Wataru plays Seki Ryuta, a former member of the sumo club, and Murase Ayumi plays Hitomi Yuuki, who has a neutral appearance.
The chanting voice of Ban is currently available on the official website. The chants of Seki and Hitomi will also be released as well.

In addition, comments from the cast members on their decision to appear in this work and play the characters have also arrived.

The TV anime “Burning Kabaddi” will start airing in April 2021 on TV Tokyo and other stations.

<Below are the comments in full.>
Kamio Shinichiro Comment
I’m Kamio Shinichiro , the voice of Ban Nobutaka.
Ban looks terrifying with his pompadour hairstyle but has a quiet voice.
He’s an enthusiastic fan of Yoikoshi but has a quiet voice.
He’s a man with a passionate heart but has a quiet voice.
His chant is a must-listen!
…… Kaba……… ka…… di…… ……i………i………!

Komada Wataru Comment
I have had experience of the game of kabaddi before, as one of my PE teachers in high school was a former player.
I was excited to see an anime based on it, and Seki Ryuta, the character I played this time, has sumo experience and is a hard worker who values communication with others.
He’s also the class clown of the team.
Please look forward to the broadcast of “Burning Kabaddi”!

Murase Ayumi Comment
At first glance, I thought the character was a female assistant of the team! But he’s actually a boy and will get things done when he’s in the mood.
I’ll do my best to capture his character. Here’s my chant! kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi …….

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