From the TV anime “Burning Kabaddi”, the synopsis and advance scene cuts of the first episode “What’s Kabaddi?

“Burning Kabaddi” is based on the “Kabaddi” comic of the same name by Musashino Hajime, which is currently being serialized on the Shogakukan comic app “Manga One”.
The story begins when the main character, Yoigoshi Tatsuya, who was a famous soccer player known as “the unbeatable Yoigoshi” but had cut ties with sports after entering high school, encounters the “running combat sport” Kabaddi.

The title of the first episode is “What’s Kabaddi?
Yoigoshi Tatsuya, a former soccer player who cut all ties with sports upon entering high school, is recruited to the kabaddi club by Azemichi Souma and is forcibly taken on a field trip.
Yoigoshi thought it was just a stupid sport, but he fell for the schemes of the assistant manager, Iura Kei, and was half forced to experience kabaddi.

The first episode of “Burning Kabaddi” “What’s Kabaddi?” started airing on April 3, 2021 at 1:23 A.M. on TV Tokyo and other stations.

(C) 2020 Musashino Hajime, Shogakukan/Burning Kabaddi Production Committee