The voice actor and rapper Kimura Subaru will participate in the latest work of Disney and Pixar, “Soul” (Available exclusively on Disney Plus from 5pm, December 25, 2020). Kimura will be participating as the voice actor, lyric writer for the ending song, and singer, which is the first time for one person to handle 3 roles at a time in Pixar history.

“Soul” takes place in the “Soul World” ,where “the person decides what they will be” prior to their birth.
It is a story about Joe, the music teacher who wants to grant people wishes, and “22”, the female soul that doesn’t want to be born as a human, as they search for each of their “sparkle of life” at the end of the adventure.

Kimura will be voicing the character, Paul, the guest of the barber shop that the main protagonist Joe frequently visits. This is an important scene as Joe will have a different view on this usual barber shop after encountering 22.

Also, as Kimura has the passionate enthusiasm toward rapping, which can considers as Kimura “sparkle of life”, and since he is popular as both a voice actor and a rapper, he will also be in charge of the ending rap song “Rappin Ced”.
“Rappin Ced” is a song that was created by the rap group that Joe formed during his school life, and it will be featured in the film as a memorial song that describes Joe’s youth.
Kimura has assisted in translating “Rappin Ced” into Japanese, and this is the first time in Pixar history that a single person is handling the Japanese dubbing, ending song translation, and singing.

This is Kimura’s first attempt of translating an English rap song into Japanese, his comments during the attempts are “It was difficult for me to translate it into Japanese, but I was quite picky when choosing the word that can transmit the English nuance in Japanese as well as the rhyme so that everyone can enjoy it”, follow by his passionate thought saying “As there is an episode of Joe enjoying rapping during his school life, it make me realize about the ‘good mood’ of enjoying doing it together with friend. So, do check it out.”

“Soul” will be available exclusively on Disney Plus from 5 PM, December 25.

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