It was decided that the latest work of Disney & Pixar, “Soul” will be released in theaters in Summer of 2020. Together with that, a poster and a Japanese teaser video depicting the “Soul World” prior to being born were released.

“Soul” takes place in the “Soul World” where human's personality, talent, characteristics and hobbies are decided and it focuses on the music teacher, Joe who dreamed to be a Jazz Musician. The director is Pete Docter, who handled the original idea of Pixar's pioneer “Toy Story” and debuted as a director in “Monster Inc”. Afterward, he was involved with various movies, the movie “Up” and “Inside Out” had won the Academy Prize under the Long Animation Category.

Peter said, “I took 23 years to create this” which depicts that this latest movie is his prized work. It revolves around the theme “What if there is a place where you can decide 'what you want to become' prior to being born?” and it is a story filled with imagination.

The teaser video depicts the protagonist Joe playing the jazz piano and also the street of New York. On a certain day, the music teacher, Joe, who dreams to become a jazz musician, obtains a chance to play at the most famous Jazz Club in New York.
However, while he's joyfully walking on the street, he fell through a manhole and woke up in a cute blue appearance…
As the “Soul World” was depicted in the video, it will surely arise interest in the main movie.

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