The Japanese edition trailer and poster of “Soul” (to be released on Dec. 11, 2020), which shows ' the world of “Soul” before birth', have been released. “Soul” is the latest work, which Disney & Pixar created in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Toy Story.

The trailer reveals the mysterious Soul World. The blue and pretty Souls try to learn music, literature, chemistry, physical exercises, and others to find their “spark” in the world taking on pale colors.

The protagonist Joe meet 22, who cannot find what she really wants to do and has spent hundreds of years in the Soul World, thinking, “I don't wanna go to the human world”. She cannot find her “spark” even if she has been trying many things, and says “Is our life that precious?”. Joe says, “There are so many wonderful things to come in our life.”spark, to explaintell her how wonderful it is to have “spark”.

22, who cannot find “what to live for” as if she got lost, and Joe,
who “just wants to go back to the ground more than anything to pursue his dream to become a jazz pianist”.
Will Joe be able to go back on the ground and make his dream come true? Will 22 be able to find her “spark of life”?
Your “Soul” would be impressed and moved by an incredible miracle brought by the encounter of Joe and 22 with completely different personalities.

“Soul” is said to be made when the director Pete Docter wonderedspark,
“Was I really born to make animations?” and thought twice about his “spark”.
He is proud of this work and it will remind us of “how wonderful our life is” in today's world.

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