From the console game “Kingdom Hearts” comes the eco bags, tumblers, and wallets in the limited design to commemorate the 20th anniversary. It is released under the special collection Book of Takarajimasha.

“Kingdom Hearts” is a role-playing game that was released by Square (currently known as Square Enix) in March 2002. It depicts the journey of the young boy Sora who obtained the key-shaped weapon “Keyblade” together with Donald and Goofy. Other than the appearance of the various Disney’s characters, it also features the characters from “Final Fantasy” series that caused the rise in popularity and resulted in the series adaptation.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the game, a total of 3 goods, which are “Eco Bag with Storage Pouch”, “Cup Coffee Tumbler”, and “Double-fold Wallet”, have been released in 5 designs. An original limited design with a special pattern created especially for the 20th anniversary was chosen to be used together with the beautiful art that will revive the famous scenes of “Kingdom Hearts”. The design is a result from the production by the selected shop “LOVELESS”.

“Eco Bag with Storage Pouch” has a traditional Japanese design on the tough Ripstop fabric. The storage pouch comes in two designs, which are “Sora” and “Sora and King Mickey”. The size of the eco bag is 28.5cm (Height) x 25.5 cm (Width) x 15cm (Gusset) while the size of the pouch is 10cm (Diameter) x 1.2 cm (Gusset).

“Cup Coffee Tumbler” has a beautiful printed art that comes in two design, “Recollection” and “Late Summer”. “Recollection” featured Roxas taking off his coat with the smiling Lea (Axel), Roxas, Xion at the clocktower.

“Late Summer” featured Sora and Roxas having the sea-salt ice cream with a sunset background. It also comes with the phrase of “Looks like my summer vacation is…over.”. The size of the goods is 120mm (Height) x 88mm (Diameter of the opening) with a capacity of 450ml (optimal is 380ml).

“Double-fold Wallet” is a wallet with the basic leather. The outer design features Sora’s crown, while the inner design has a stamping of LOVELESS’s logo. The traditional Japanese motif that was created for the 20th anniversary is featured on the inner lining. This wallet with a space to store the money notes, a multi-pouch for the coin, and 4 slots for card storage. The size is 9cm (Height) x 11cm (Length) X 1.5cm (Thickness).

The “Eco Bag with Storage Pouch”, “Cup Coffee Tumbler”, and “Double-fold Wallet” are currently available at Takarajima Channel, Seven Net Shopping, and Seven Eleven stores (Not available in some stores).