Voice actors Saito Soma and Okamoto Nobuhiko will appear in “Monthly TV Guide 2021 February issue”, to be released on December 16. They will be featured in a special page in the New Year’s Special Edition of the magazine as voice actors. In addition, six different types of photo patterns for purchasers’ perks have been released at once.

In the first feature, Saito Soma, who also appeared in the 2019 New Year’s Special Edition and received a lot of attention, will appear again. The magazine’s completely exclusive interview, “Until now and from now,” in which he looks back on his life as a voice actor and discusses his future prospects, is a must-see interview.
In the gravure, Saito is shown in a dignified Japanese kimono and a cute winter date outfit, relaxing on the mild late autumn weather.
In addition, if you purchase the magazine at Animate stores or Animate online store across the country, you will receive a special present of a photo with a different design based on the six regions.

In the second feature, Okamoto Nobuhiko, who will release a new mini album “Chaosix” on January 27, makes an appearance. With the theme being the Year of the Ox, he straddles an ox sculpture and wears clothes with an ox pattern… Surrounded by various props, Okamoto smiled shyly as he was caught on camera.
There was also a fun question titled “If you compare the members of Kiramune to animals, they are ……”, which was typical of the new year’s special edition. While smiling wryly (!?!), the answer he came up with was noteworthy.
In addition, if you purchase through Animate online store, you’ll receive a special present of a photo with a different design based on the six regions, so fans should definitely check it out.

The price of “Monthly TV Guide 2021 February issue” is 450 JPY (tax included). It will be on sale on December 16, 2020 and is available for pre-order at bookstores nationwide and online stores.