The third and final episode of “GIRLS und PANZER”, the latest in the “GIRLS und PANZER” series, will be shown in theaters in spring 2021. A teaser visual and a special video have been released along with it.

“GIRLS und PANZER” is an original anime that began with all 12 episodes of the TV series broadcast in October 2012, followed by a theatrical screening of the OVA in July 2014 and the release of the film version in November 2015.
The unexpectedness of a high school girl riding a tank to a game and the heartfelt drama of the series have been a hot topic of conversation and emotion, and the film version was a huge hit, earning over 2.5 billion JPY at the box office. It is a popular work that continues to draw fans to the town of Oarai in Ibaraki Prefecture, where it is set, and continues to generate excitement.
The latest OVA series, The Final Chapter, has so far been shown in theaters in December 2017 for the first episode and June 2019 for the second episode.

The special video of the third episode of “The Final Chapter” has been released along with the teaser visual, which tells the story of the battle between Oarai Girls’ Academy and Chibaidan Academy which will finally come to an end.

It’s a powerful piece of work with a lot of heated tank battle scenes between Oarai Girls’ Academy and Chibaidan Academy in 15 seconds shown.

It was also announced that “Symphony Girls & Panzer Concert”, which will be held on September 19th as a live non-audience pay-per-view broadcast, will be converted to BD (blu-ray disc) and released on March 26th, 2021.
The new world of “GIRLS und PANZER”, with its 60 orchestras and newly-drawn illustrations, is sure to be enjoyed as often as possible.

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