The event visual for a special event to commemorate the broadcast of “Osomatsu-san” (3rd season, scheduled on Oct. 2020) titled “Welcome Back, NEETs! 6 Brothers and Totoko’s Special Party” has been released. Moreover, it has been decided that this will be held in 6 online platforms without an audience.

The event visual released depicts 6 siblings who fully enjoys the beach by jumping high and making poses.
This event also will be held in 6 different online platforms without an audience. This idea comes from the setting that the anime itself revolves around 6 siblings.
The platforms include “360channel”, “PIA LIVE STREAM”, “AniTele”, “Rakuten TV”, and “MIRAIL”, and each room will be given a name related to each character, such as “Osomatsu ROOM” and “Karamatsu ROOM”.

Each platform also has a special video from different casts.
Sakurai Takahiro, playing Osomatsu, appears in “Osomatsu ROOM” (at 360channel). Nakamura Yuuichi, playing Karamatsu, appears in “Karamatsu ROOM” (at PIA LIVE STREAM). Kamiya Hiroshi, playing Choromatsu, appears in “Choromatsu ROOM” (at AniTele). Fukuyama Jun, playing Ichimatsu, appears in “Ichimatsu ROOM” (streaming platform will be announced later). Ono Daisuke, playing Juushimatsu, appears in “Juushimatsu ROOM” (at Rakuten TV). Irino Miyu, playing Todomatsu, appears in “Todomatsu ROOM” (at MIRAIL). The casts will talk about the ways to enjoy the event and their passion toward the 3rd season.
In “VIP ROOM”, which is exclusive only for “Osomatsu-san” official fan club members, will sell a special ticket with an exclusive T-shirt and releases a special video where all 6 casts and Endou Aya assembles.

This event also releases a part of the episode from 3rd season in addition to the talk session by 7 casts. Therefore this event is an important opportunity for the fans to check out.

“Welcome Back, NEETs! 6 Brothers and Totoko’s Special Party” will be held online at Sept. 25, 2020. The ticket is currently available.

(C) Akatsuka Fujio/Osomatsu-san Production Committee

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