From the 3rd season of “Mr. Osomatsu”, which is currently on air, it has been announced that Irino Miyu as Todomatsu will set about the original goods-producing project. Videos following the project will be uploaded on YouTube.

“Mr. Osomatsu” is based on a popular comedy comic “Osomatsu-kun” written by Akatsuka Fujio. The 1st season was aired in October 2015, 2nd in October 2017, and “Osomatsu-san the Movie” was released in March 2019. The latest work is the 3rd season.

Irino Miyu, who is in charge of goods production, has been saying that he wants to make ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ goods, and finally his long-awaited ‘Irino Miyu no Goods Kaihatsu-Shitsu (Irino Miyu’s Goods Development Division)’ has begun.

Along with the project started, a video, following the first meeting of the goods development division, has been revealed, featuring Irino Miyu, talking about his enthusiasm in front of the staff of “Mr. Osomatsu” production committee, saying ‘I will produce Mr. Osomatsu’s goods that have not been made so far’.

‘Irino Miyu Goods Kaihatsu-Shitsu’ will be occasionally uploaded on ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ official YouTube. Please check out what kind of goods Irino Miyu will be producing.

(C)Akatsuka Fujio / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee