The official fan club of “Mr. Osomatsu”, the third season of which has been decided to broadcast, will be open for the first time. Advanced recruitment has started, and comments from the sextuplets have also arrived.

The TV anime series “Mr. Osomatsu” is based on Akatsuka Fujio's gag manga “Mr. Osomatsu”, depicting the main sextuplets who have become NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and useless adults.
The 1st season was broadcast from Oct. 2015 and was nominated for the 2016 buzzword award, causing a social phenomenon. Since then, the 2nd season of TV anime was broadcast in Oct. 2017, and in Mar.of 2019, the completely new movie “Osomatsu-san the Movie” was released, this work is attracting attention constantly.

The fan club, which is opening in commemoration of the TV anime series 3rd season broadcasting, has a teaser site that opened on Jul. 13, with pre-registration available.
“Mr. Osomatsu” fan-club membership gives access to a lineup of limited content that makes you feel closer, such as priority information and advance reception of tickets to related events and stageplays, original comics that can only be read here, birthday content that birthday limited images arrive from “Oshimatsu”.

In addition, an “Original Membership Card” and “Original Acrylic Art Plate” are available as membership benefits. Moreover, members who will join from Jul. 13 6:06 P.M. to Sep.10 11:59 P.M. will receive wallpaper for PCs and smartphones exclusively for fan club members as a pre-registration benefit.

“Mr. Osomatsu” official fan club's official site grand opening is scheduled for Sep.14, 2020, which is also the day of the birth of Akatsuka Fujio.

<Full comments are below>
Osomatsu, the eldest son, “Neets? Virgins? Who goes in??”
The second son, Karamatsu, “Huh! It seems that the times have finally caught up with me…”
Third son, Choromatsu, “I will do my best to meet everyone's expectations! Please register!”
The fourth son, Ichimatsu, “No, no, no… this kind of thing is the worst…”
Fifth son, Jyushimatsu, “What? What is a fan club? Are you going to be a chairman?”
A younger brother, Todomatsu “Website name is wrong~ Everyone, please support 'Totti Fan Club'.”

(C) Akatsuka Fujio/Osomatsu-san Production Committee