The trailer of an animation movie “Wave!! Surfing Yappe!!” (Roadshow starts on Oct. 2), which is dedicated to “Handsomes & Surfing”, has been released. Moreover, “Naminori boys”, consist of the main cast Maeno Tomoaki, Ogasawara Jin, and others will be the in charge OP theme song.

“WAVE!!” is a media mix project create by MAGES. (LOVE & ART), who works on maiden contents such as “B-PROJECT”, and is dedicated to the theme of “surfing”, which has become an Olympic competition event for the first time for the Tokyo Olympics.
Hinaoka Masaki, the protagonist played by Maeno Tomoaki, meets the transfer student, Akitsuki Shou, played by Ogasawara Jin, and it is an original group performance drama depicting the men who love surfing.

Before the movie release on Oct. 2, the trailer has been unveiled.
The video starts with the main character, Masaki, who has a fateful encounter with Shou riding brilliantly on the waves, and the voices of other main characters could also be heard at the same time. Also, in the CG surfing scene, the waves are clear, and beautiful, which gives off a refreshing surfing story.

Moreover, it has also been announced that the OP theme song “Legendary Surf Prince” will be sung by “Naminori boys”, which consist of the eight main characters Hinaoka Masaki (CV. Maeno Tomoaki), Akitsuki Shou (CV. Ogasawara Jin), Tanaka Nalu (CV. Nakajima Yoshiki), Iwana Kousuke (CV. Sato Takuya), Matsukaze Yuta (CV. Shirai Yusuke), Kido Naoya (CV. Toki Junichi), Fuke Rindou (CV. Okamoto Nobuhiko), Mori William Soichiro (CV. Morikubo Shoutarou).

Anime movie “WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!!” national roadshow will starts on Oct.2, 2020 at Shinjuku Baltic 9, and others.

(C) MAGES./ Anime WAVE!! Production Committee