The cast of the Amazon Trio, the enemies that are going to face our superheroines, from the movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” (to be released in two parts in 2021) has been revealed: Hino Satoshi as Tiger's Eye, Toyonaga Toshiyuki as Hawk's Eye, and Aoi Shouta as Fish Eye. In addition, comments from the voice actors have also arrived.

“Sailor Moon” is originally a manga by Takeuchi Naoko, which was serialized in girl's manga magazine “Nakayoshi” (Kodansha) from 1991 to 1997, with over 20 million printed copies.
A TV anime series was broadcast in 1992, and even after the series ended in 1997, it has been aired in more than 40 countries and is still popular worldwide.
In 2012, a project was started to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series, and in 2014, a new anime series titled “Sailor Moon Crystal” was aired. After 25 years, the movie “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” will be released in 2021, the first part on Jan. 8 and the second part on Feb. 11.

The cast members of the Amazon Trio, which are the animals of the Dead Moon Circus and also the enemies of the Sailor Guardians who have been transformed into humans, have been announced.
Tiger's Eye, which was originally a tiger, is voiced by Hino Satoshi, who is known for various roles such as Rengoku Kyoujurou in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and Sai in “Naruto”.
Hawk's Eye, who was originally a hawk, is voiced by Toyonaga Toshiyuki, who is known for Katsuki Yuuri in “Yuri!!! on Ice”, Pop in “Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai”, and more.
Fish Eye, who was originally a fish, is voiced by Aoi Shouta, who is known for Mikaze Ai in “Uta no☆Prince-sama” and Kisaragi Louis in “KING OF PRISM”. Fish Eye is the character that inspired Aoi, who loves this work, to become a voice actor.

The first part of “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” will be released on Jan. 8, 2020, while the second part will be released on Febr. 11, 2020.

<Full commentary is below>
Hino Satoshi as Tiger's Eye
I was very happy to participate in Sailor Moon, which has been a girls' dream, and to play the role of Tiger's Eye. But at the same time, I felt a strong responsibility. When I heard the result of my audition for the role, I was really happy. I was in junior high school when the show was aired, and my sister and I used to watch it a lot during supper time. Even from my male perspective, I was taken aback by how cool Tuxedo Mask was.
In Amazon Trio, Tiger's Eye is an appealing character because of the balance of his wildness and bewitching charms. I was careful to keep that balance in mind while performing the role. The sound director asked me to overreact at some points, so I'm glad if you can enjoy that part of my performance, too.

The Dead Moon chapter, which was told in the original manga's fourth arc, will be released in theaters for the first time in 25 years. Since it's a very popular episode, we're all fired up. I hope many fans will be able to enjoy it on the screen! Stay tuned!

Toyonaga Toshiyuki as Hawk's Eye
I used to watch Sailor Moon when I was a child. I never thought the day would come when I would be allowed to be a part of the show, so I was just surprised. I remember I said to my classmate, “I love Sailor Jupiter!”. I probably like the ponytail, yes. During the first direction, I was told that my character was “onee” (cross-dressing male), but I was careful not to be just a stereotyped one. Hawk's Eye had a dream that he wanted to fulfill, so I tried to keep such pure feelings in mind when I was playing him.
I tried my best to play the role so that those who know the show will remember what it was like back then and those who will see it for the first time will be able to experience a fresh feeling. We hope you will watch the films again and again.

Aoi Shouta as Fish Eye
I love it so much that I enjoyed pretending to play at nursery school and watched musicals, and I'm very happy to be in this series, which was a symbol of my youth.
Of course, I love all the characters, but I've said in many places that if I had to choose one character out of all of them, it would be Fish Eye, so when I was cast as Fish Eye, my dream came true, and at the same time, I was determined to brace myself not to disappoint all of the fans who have always loved this series.
I looked at Fish Eye again and thought he was as cool as ever… He's cute and makes me cry. I put my love for the character as much as I could into my performance and gave it my all.

As a fan of this series, I'm really happy to be able to be a part of it. I did my best along with Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye, so I hope you're looking forward to it! Can you beat my Lemures-chan…?

[Movie Info]
■Title: “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” The Movie Part 1 / “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” The Movie Part 2
■Release Date: Part 1 Jan. 8, 2020 (Friday) / Part 2 Feb. 11, 2020 (Thursday)
■Cast: Mitsuishi Kotono, Kanemoto Hisako, Satou Rina, Koshimizu Ami, Itou Shizuka, Fukuen Misato, Nojima Kenji, etc
■Staff: Original Author – Supervisor / Takeuchi Naoko
Director / KonChiaki, Scriptwriter / Fudeyasu Kazuyuki, Character Designer / Tadano Kazuko
Animation Production: Toei Animation / Studio DEEN Distribution / Toei
■”Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” The Movie Production Committee
(C) Takeuchi Naoko, PNP / “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal” The Movie Production Committee