It has been decided that all three parts of anime “WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!!”, which had been screened in theaters in October 2020, will be broadcast as a TV anime on TV TOKYO and other channels from January 11, 2021. Along with this announcement, TV anime key visual and PV were released.

“WAVE !!” is a media mix project with surfing as the main theme, which was adopted as a sport for the first time at the Tokyo Olympics. Originally produced by MAGES. (LOVE & ART), which is known for girls’ content, such as “B-PROJECT”, it is an original drama of a group of boys who love surfing where the main character “Yooka Masaki” played by Maeno Tomoaki meets a new transfer student “Shou Akizuki” played by Ogasawara Jin.

The released PV shows not only beautiful surfing scenes, but also the encounter between Masaki and Shou, everyday scenes, and introductions of unique characters.
You can also hear the TV anime OP theme “Shigeki Surfer Boy!” and the ED theme “One more chance, One Ocean” sung by the characters, who are appearing in this movie, ride a wave.

The TV anime “WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!!” is scheduled to start broadcasting on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, TV Aichi, and Niigata Sogo Television from January 11, 2021.

(C) MAGES./Anime WAVE !! Production Committee