The anime song event “Animelo Summer Live” known as “Anisama”, which was postponed this year, has announced a new live streaming project “Anisama Night” so that you can enjoy while you “STAY HOME”. Along with that, 12 audio commentary guests for the niconico live streaming, where you can watch “Anisama 2018” all at once, have been announced.

“Animelo Summer Live” is one of the biggest anime song events in the world, where the audience exceeds 80,000 every year.
It was supposed to be 16th this year, and held for three days on Aug. 28, Aug. 29, and Aug. 30, 2020, but it was postponed to 2021 due to the spread of the coronavirus.

However, “Animelo Summer Night in Billboard Live” has been decided to be held on Aug. 30 for the fans that “summer won't end without Anisama!”. You can spend a little luxurious time, watching a realistic live for a fee while you STAY HOME.
The cast including Oishi Masayoshi, Suzuki Aina, Suzuki Masayuki, Suzuki Airi, Nakamura Shugo, Hayami Saori, Mimori Suzuko, Moriguchi Hiroko, and others assembles at an elegant, new live house & restaurant “Billboard Live YOKOHAMA”. They will perform live for about 3 hours and you can enjoy limited collaborations and arranged versions as well. Please relax and enjoy a luxurious night at home with your favorite drink.

Furthermore, the commentary guests for “Dummy head microphone sub voice version” of 'Summer Festival Anisama Streaming All at Once! Animelo Summer Live 2018 “OK!”', which will be live streamed on niconico, have been announced. Only niconico premier members can enjoy it.
For “DAY1”, Asaka and Ito Miku will appear in the first half, while Aida Rikako and Suzuki Aina will appear in the latter half. For “DAY2”, Oohashi Ayaka and Mimori Suzuko will appear in the first half, while TRUE and Nakamura Shugo will appear in the latter half. For “DAY3”, Suzuki Minori and Tokui Sora will appear in the first half, whileand Oishi Masayoshi and Kubota Miyu will appear in the latter half.
It was recorded with dummy head microphones, which makes you feel as if the guests were by your side while you were watching a live with them when you put on earphones or headphones.

Please check out “Anisama” Official Website for more details.

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