The world’s largest anime song event “Animelo Summer Live” (abbreviated as AniSummer below) will be broadcasting exclusively on BS 11 the TV show “Animelo Summer Live 2022 -Sparkle powered by Anison Days” featuring highlights and covering the main event “Animelo Summer Live 2022 -Sparkle-” which will be held on August 26, 2022. Collaboration goods with the BS11 program “Anison Days” are also being sold.

“AniSummer” started in 2005 and it is the world’s largest anime song live vent. Every year a new theme is set, and for this 17th edition in 2022 the theme is “Sparkle”, expressing straight up the liveliness of a summer live show. The event will feature powerful performances as well as some splendid collaborations delivered by about 50 artists.

The TV show “Animelo Summer Live 2022 -Sparkle powered by Anison Days” covering this year’s “AniSummer” will be broadcast exclusively on BS11 this winter. “AniSummer” and BS11’s program “Anison Days” have also released collaboration goods.

In addition to stickers and acrylic files displaying the “Anison Days” logo, mobile batteries and T-shirts are also part of the line-up, which contains 9 products in total.
Based on the concept idea of “anime song will always be by your side”, the various items display a refreshing design of waves and musical notes, suitable for day-to-day usage.

The collaboration goods are currently available at BS11’s online store “BS11SHOP”. The exact broadcast date of “Animelo Summer Live 2022 -Sparkle powered by Anison Days” is yet to be announced.