September 1, 2019 marked the third day and final day of the world’s largest anime song (anisong) festival “Animelo Summer Live 2019 -STORY-”, which was held at Saitama Super Arena. The venue delivered an exciting vibe as it commenced with a performance by Houkago Tea Time.

The third day was opened with a duet by Aoi Eir and Aoi Shouta. When the opening “Preserved Roses” from 『Valvrave the Liberator』began, the venue was filled with great cheers. In the interlude, he shouts “Ikuzo!”(Go!) and the audience raises their voices in response. Even after the song was over the buzz created by the masterpiece lingered.

With eyes all on the stage, suddenly, a spotlight hits a special stage behind the arena where the band “Spira Spica” were on the other side. They sang ‘Start Dash’ from 『Gundam Build Divers』 with great gusto.

Then they said “We wanna stand on the main stage!” and got into a truck, before performing 「Iyayo Iyayo mo Suki no Uchi!」from 『Do You Like Your Mom? Her Normal Attack is Two Attacks at Full Power』 In they end, they got close to the main stage, but were still too far to walk. The truck took Spira Spica into the wings of the stage which made the whole venue laugh.

Next came the idol unit Nijigasaki High School Idol Club from 『Love Live!』. A video introduced the characters in order as the appeared; Sagara Mayu, Kubota Miyu, Kusunoki Tomori, Onishi Aguri, Murakami Natsumi, Tanaka Chiemi, Maeda Kaori, Kitou Akari, and Sashide Maria.
They performed poses and dances that synchronize with animation, that captivated the audience.

This was the first appearance of Nijigasaki High School Idol Club at AniSummer, they said “We hope that Nijigasaki and AniSummer will continue on for a long time!”, they voiced their willingness to perform at AniSummer again before leaving the stage.

Uesaka Sumire, who appeared with a backup dancers, performed the opening theme “Bon♡Kyu♡Bon” from 『Why the hell are you here, Teacher!?』. Along with dancers wearing costumes reminiscent of the teachers in the show, the performance was cute and sexy.
“I shouldn’t have come after Nijigasaki,” says Uesaka jokingly about the impressive set list.
Followed, was the “Pop Team Epic TV Special” episode 13 opening theme “Last Sparkle”. Where shes sang magnificent songs that seemed to be the theme song of SciFi robots.

The next performance was ClariS who sang and danced the ending theme from 『Owarimonogatari』 “SHIORI” before going straight into the 『Cells at Work』 ending theme “CheerS” ,marching with a spring in her step across the stage passage.
Next, she did a softly sung cover of 「secret base ~Kimi ga kureta mono~」the ending theme of 『AnoHana: The Flower we saw that Day』 while dressed in white reminiscent of Menma.

As the sound lingered, a video from 『Kakegurumi ××: Compulsive Gambler 2nd Season』 is played and the arena is dyed in a deep red. A gallant JUNNA enters the stage and performs a powerful rendition of ‘Kono Yubi Tomare’.
the MC announces that even though she has come to AniSummer although being a student.
JUNNA talked to the audience saying “Let’s throw away all the bad things on the stage today, and do our best tomorrow!” She then passionately sung ‘Iru Imi’ the ending theme of 『BEM』.

A video from 『Pastel Memories』 came on, along with Imai Asami who performed “Believe in Sky”. Dressed in a summer dress, she jumped and kicked her legs lively on stage.

Imai appeared in AniSummer as a solo for the first time in four years since 2015. With the 10th anniversary of being a singer and the 20th anniversary of being a voice actor, the staff said “We would like you to choose one more song to reflect on your voice acting career”.
After thinking carefully, Imai performed “Tooi Ongaku” as she felt it was “a song that represented both the character she played and herself”.
She initially covered this song in 2009 in “THE IDOLM@STER” as Chihaya Kisaragi, she sung it alongside the warm tone of an acoustic guitar.

Next, Yuma Uchida performed “Speechless” from 『Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life』. During the hook he raised one arm high up and sung with his refreshing singing voice.
This is the first appearance of Uchida as a solo in AniSummer. In fact, he visited AniSummer as an audience member in 2009, and he was cheering for Imai Asami.

OxT rushed on stage to savor the vibe before saying “We have to sing after Imai, why?” Oishi Masayoshi said “those ‘speechfull’ two people have finally arrived” ,which made the audience erupt into laughter.

He followed by saying, “I want to perform a story with these three” and they performed ‘Hands’ from 『Ultraman R/B』. Oishi Masayoshi and Uchida together said “Dye in my color!” which was the signature phrase in the TV drama and a voice from the crowd shouted “RuBu!!”(R/B!!) in response.

Older sister, Uchida Maaya, inherits the baton from Uchida Yuma singing “Koudou Escalation” from 『Ace of Diamond Act II』, then the arena shook as the music flowed through it.
This is the 5th anniversary of her music career, and she talked about her ambitions saying “I want to go to AniSummer next year and the year after that, and I want to collaborate and maybe even be a key performer,” which was followed by applause as if they got in tune with her.

She then said, “Please listen to my story” before performing “youthful beautiful” from 『SSSS.GRIDMAN』. While walking around the stage, she sung in a hopeful voice.

Afterwards, Uesaka Sumire reappeared on the stage. They performed Maaya Uchida’s 5th single “Majo ni Naritai Hime to Hime ni Naritai Majo no Rhapsody” (The Rhapsody of the Witch who wants to be a Princess, and the Princess who wants to be a Witch) which was the long awaited collaboration between Uchida Maaya and Uesaka Sumire.
Uesaka wore a black witch costume, whereas Maeda Uchida sung in a pink costume princess-like costume. The audience was captivated by their acting skills.

The next performers were ZAQ who sang “BRAVER” from 『Food Wars! The Third Plate』 with intensity.
The MC revealed that the music “Majo ni Naritai Hime to Hime ni Naritai Majo no Rhapsody”, which was presented just before, was provided by ZAQ which greatly impressed the audience and that statement was met with cheers.

ZAQ sat down in front of the piano. She performed “Soranone” from 『The Magnificent Kotobuki』 on piano. At the intro of the peice, she did some impressive whistling without any music showing her versatility as an artist.

Furthermore, the venune became even more excited with the appearance of buzz★Vibes. The tension peaked as “Kokoro E” the opening theme of 『Major』 starring “MKB”, i.e. Morikubo Showtaro from “buzz ★ Parade” played.

A surprise guest MOTSU from 『KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-』’s “EZ DO DANCE” joined to make the dance floor more exciting. At the end, he ran along the stage passage-way with many dancers.

When Morikubo left with a meaningful comment saying, “There are amazing things yet to come!”, A certain video was projected on the monitor.

Guitars, basses, keyboards, drums, and other instruments that appeared on the monitor one after another. At the end of the chord connected to the amplifier there was a person playing the guitar. The chord that was struck was very familiar.
It was Houkago Tea Time who appeared in front of a thrilled audience . A cheer resembling a scream erupted from the audience thanks to the surprise.

“Don’t say’lazy’!” was performed by Toyosaki Aki, Hikasa Yoko, Sato Satomi, Kotobuki Minako, and Taketatsu Ayana wearing the costumes used in the original anime.
An ending theme produced by Kyoto Animation that will not fade even after 10 years, it is still timeless. The performance didnt feel blank or empty and was met with lots of cheering.
“We’re Houkago Tea Time” said the members, some from the audience replied “Welcome back!”.
After introducing themselves in the tone of each character, Toyosaki said, “Even after all these years, I’m stll full of love an gratefulness for 『K-ON! 』”.

They then asked the audience, “Do you like 『K-ON! 』?”, which was met with thunderous applause and shouts. They turned the cheers into energy, and they happily played the opening theme “GO! GO! MANIAC” of 『K-ON!! 』 which concluded the first half.

Suddenly, the second half started almost like a climax. The JAM Project sang “Tread on the Tiger’s Tail” from 『Super Robot Wars T』 which was followed by “Seijaku no Apostle” from 『One Punch Man 2』 with a resounding shouts from the audience.
JAM Project’s song’s are not just intense rock tunes. “We will sing for adults who were pure children in the past,” they delivered the ballad “HERO” which started with a beautiful a cappella sung in a soulful voice.

Next, they performed “SKILL” from 『Second Super Robot Wars α』. The flame rose on the stage as if responding to their similarly intense singing.
The performers entitled “AniSummer Friends” also gathered on the stage and called out “Motto! Motto!” (More! More!). It is one song that the venue was united in savoring it “It was [unintentionaly] a good live gig”.

As if bringing a heated atmosphere, a cute intro wafts in.
Looking at the truck behind the arena, Yui Ogura and Makoto Uchida appear wearing Hamtaro’s headwear.
The two cutely sang “Hamtaro Tottokota” from 『Hamtaro』which brought smiles to the audience. While enjoying the call and response between the two and the audience, the truck travelled around the arena.

When the two of them had arrived at the main stage. Ogura takes off her headwear and hands it to Uchida Maaya saying “We need to return to the human world soon”.
From here, Ogura performed a solo singing “High Touch☆Memory” from 『Card Fight !! Vanguard G』.

She then sang the song that started her career as an artist “Raise” from 『Campione!』. She sang a song that was not only cute and cool, but also one that brought many feelings of her experiences as an artist.

Next, Kurosaki Maon appeared alongside video of 『A Certain Magical Index III』. Her powerful singing voice was echoed as she sang the opening theme “ROAR”.
She told the MC the vibe of AniSummer that she saw for the first time in her childhood was unforgettable and from then she wanted to be an anisong singer. This was met with warm applause with occasional shouts.

She continued saying “I’ll sing like ‘the story goes on’, before performing ‘Gensou no Ranbu’ from 『Grisaia: Phantom Trigger The Animation』. A singing voice that savored the lyrics which gradually spread through me.

With a gentle piano intro, Aoi Shota appeared. He performed “Tone” from 『Kono Oto Tomare! Sounds of Life』 with a sharp dance.
“When I had given up on life, AniSummer and Anisong gave me courage” thanked Aoi, who will be performing for the fifth time this year.

However, there is one thing that Aoi felt was unfortunate. Quoting the angela’s words from the previous day that “Only cute AniSummer performers get to ride on the truck” lamenting that he could not ride on a truck.
He said “If you don’t have enough cuteness, sing a hit song” and performed “UNLIMITED”, the vibes at the venue reached its peak.

Next, OxT will be further excited the auidence with the 『Overlord』 opening theme “Clattanoia” and the 『Ace of Diamond Act II』 ending theme “Golden After School”.
They relvealed to the MC that Tom-H@ck, who usually doesn’t cry, was crying for the key performance of the first which was Houkago Tea Time’s reunion.

Afterward, a video of 『SSSS.GRIDMAN』 came on the monitor. A monster was directed toward the stage The hero show starts with Gridman defeating the monster.
Of course, the opening theme “UNION” was played. Everyone was shouting “Access Flash!” The whole stage was stirred up.

As the second half approached its end, the female band Poppin’Party from 『BanG Dream!』, which includes; Aimi, Otsuka Sae, Nishimoto Rimi, Ohashi Ayaka and Ito Ayasa, gave a breathtaking performance of “Teardrops” alongside the Anisama Band.

During the characters self-introduction, there is a band-like performance that sounds the sound of each instrument in addition to the name of each character. “I’m happy that Poppin’Party, which started from a small live house, can appear in AniSummer” says Aimi.

Then Ito continued to say, “I want people who have not been able to get excited to feel those feelings today,” before they performed “STAR BEAT! ~Hoshi no Kodou”
Lastly, they sang “Kizuna Music♪” (Bond Music♪) and everyone felt strong bonds between one another.

Aoi Eir was the final key performance of AniSummer 2019. She sung the opeing theme of 『Kill la Kill』 “Sirius” and the opening theme “INNOCENCE” from 『Sword Art Online』 back to back, and stole the audiences hearts.

The Aoi as the MC expressed her feeling saying “I am really grateful for the role I have played across the last three days,”.
“I wanted to sing again because I still have warm memories of AniSummer”. Just how the moon’s light doesn’t disappear in the dark, nor will the last 3 sparkling days disappear.” Aoi continued.
She sang 『Granbelm』’s “Tsuki wo Ou Mayonaka” while reaching out to the audience.
She continued, performing “IGNITE” from 『Sword Art Online II』. Her clear, straight high voice was heard and created the best ‘story’.

Finally, all performers joined as a choir and sung the AniSummer 2019 theme song “CROSSING STORIES”. The curtain closed with a song full of hope that was reminiscent of the beginning of a new story for next year.

AniSummer 2019 was attended by 59 artists and 141 artists in 3 days. The number of audience members was about 84,000, and it became an Anison festival where many people’s stories intertwined.

01 Preserved Roses/藍井エイル×蒼井翔太(Eir Aoi x Shota Aoi )
02 スタートダッシュ (Start Dash)/スピラ・スピカ (Spira Spika)
03 イヤヨイヤヨモスキノウチ! (Iyayo Iyayo mo Suki no Uchi!)/スピラ・スピカ (Spira Spika)
04 TOKIMEKI Runners/虹ヶ咲学園スクールアイドル同好会 (Nijigasaki High School Idol Club)
05 ボン キュッ ボンは彼のモノ/上坂すみれ (Uesaka Sumire)
06 last sparkle/上坂すみれ (Uesaka Sumire)
07 SHIORI~CheerS/ClariS
08 secret base ~君がくれたもの~ (secret base ~Kimi ga kureta mono~)/ClariS
09 コノユビトマレ (Kono Yubi Tomare)/JUNNA
10 イルイミ(Iru Imi)/JUNNA
11 Believe in Sky/今井麻美 (Imai Asami)
12 遠い音楽/今井麻美 (Imai Asami)
13 Speechless/内田雄馬 (Uchida Yuma )
14 Hands/OxT x 内田雄馬 (Uchida Yuma)
15 鼓動エスカレーション/内田真礼 (Uchida Maaya)
16 youthful beautiful/内田真礼 (Uchida Maaya)
17 魔女になりたい姫と姫になりたい魔女のラプソディー/内田真礼 (Uchida Maaya) feat. 上坂すみれ (Uesaka Sumire)
19 ソラノネ/ZAQ
20 buzz★Parade~心絵 (Kokoro E)/buzz★Vibes
21 EZ DO DANCE~buzz★Parade/buzz★Vibes feat. MOTSU
22 Don’t say “lazy”/放課後ティータイム (Houkago Tea Time)
23 GO! GO! MANIAC/放課後ティータイム (Houkago Tea Time)
24 Tread on the Tiger’s Tail/JAM Project
25 静寂のアポストル (Seijaku no Apostle)/JAM Project
26 HERO/JAM Project
27 SKILL/JAM Project with アニサマフレンズ (AniSummer Friends)
28 ハム太郎とっとこうた (Hamtarotottokouta)/小倉 唯×内田真礼
29 ハイタッチ☆メモリー (High Touch☆Memory)/小倉 唯 (Yui Ogura)
30 Raise/小倉 唯 (Ogura Yui)
31 ROAR/黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
32 幻想の輪舞/黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
33 Tone/蒼井翔太 (Aoi Shota)
34 UNLIMITED/蒼井翔太 (Aoi Shota)
35 Clattanoia/OxT
36 ゴールデンアフタースクール (Golden After School)/OxT
38 ティアドロップス (Teardrops)/Poppin’Party feat.アニサマバンド
39 STAR BEAT!~ホシノコドウ~(STAR BEAT!~Hoshi no Kodou~)/Poppin’Party
40 キズナミュージック♪(Kizuna Music♪)/Poppin’Party
41 シリウス(Sirius)/藍井エイル (Aoi Eir)
42 INNOCENCE/藍井エイル (Aoi Eir)
43 月を追う真夜中 (Tsuki wo Ou Mayonaka)/藍井エイル (Aoi Eir)
44 IGNITE/藍井エイル (Aoi Eir)
45 CROSSING STORIES/アニサマ2019出演アーティスト (AniSummer 2019 Cast Artists)

(C)Animelo Summer Live 2019