“Animelo Summer Live 2020 -COLORS-“, which was scheduled to be held for three days from Aug. 28 – Aug. 30, was announced to be delayed. It was revealed on the official website that the delay was due to the spread of the novel coronavirus with the explanation,”This is the meeting result after considering the health and safety of the audiences, performers, and staff.”

“Anisama” also known as “Animelo Summer Live” is the largest anime song event in the world which involved more than 80,000 people every year.
Tha announcement on the official website said, “By considering the lift of the emergency recently, an announcement on the event guideline by the government, and the fact that novel coronavirus situation in Japan can’t be belittled, we had come to this situation after considering the health and safety of the audiences, performers, and staff. We had decided to delay ‘Animelo Summer Live 2020 -COLORS-, which was supposed to be held on Aug. 28 (Friday) ~ Aug. 30, 2020 (Sunday).”

The preparation for the event was done since last year, “Due to the widespread of the novel coronavirus, we have a meeting with the performers, staff, and others relatedparties to discuss the measures and response so that the event can be held safely for few months.” Along with the current situation, “We had thought of various ways to avoid being “packed” such as modifying the performance schedule and bringing in various specialized machines. At the same time, since this event involves more than 80,000 people and there are still some unannounced performers, we had decided to postpone it as it is difficult to secure the health and safety of all the audiences, performers and the staff”, which are the explanation of the delaying the event.

Moreover, “Animelo Summer Live 2020 -COLORS-” will be bought forward to next year, and i is t scheduled to be held on Aug. 27 ~ Aug. 29, 2021.
The message to the fans is “The theme and theme song will be bought forward, and the staff are trying their best so that the special scenery of Anisama can be seen by everyone. Please do look forward to it”