The “Akari no Morito” lighthouse anthropomorphize project will participate in “Cho Seiyu-sai 2023,” Japan’s largest voice-actor-specialized online event, which will be held within “Niconico Cho Kaigi 2023” from April 22 to 30, 2023, at Makuhari Messe. Voice actors Sakata Shogo, Inoue Marina, and Fujii Yukiyo will perform the new reading stage, “Akari no Moribito Exploring Hokkaido”.

“Akari no Moribito” is a media mix project that anthropomorphizes lighthouses across Japan and tells stories in different times and places. The main story and future are depicted in the webtoon (vertical manga for smartphones) “Akari no Moribito: Seiden”, while the current age in the voice drama “Akarino Moribito: Genso Yawa”, and the past is depicted in “Akari no Moribito “.

The upcoming debut of “Akari no Moribito Exploring Hokkaido” in “Cho Seiyu-sai 2023” will feature a cast including Sakata Shogo, Inoue Marina, Takemoto Eiji, Kondo Takayuki, Arai Souta, Fujii Yukiyo, and Okiayu Ryutaro as the narrator. They will tell the tale of an epic battle against sea monsters set in Hokkaido. Additionally, all episodes of the voice drama “Akari no Morito: Genso Yawa”, which attracted over 250,000 listeners last year, will be streamed during the event.

The regular version of “Akari no Moribito Exploring Hokkaido” will be streamed from 7 pm to 8:30 pm on April 22 (JST), while the special announcement version will be streamed from 9 pm to 10:30 pm on April 28 (JST). Please visit the “Cho Seiyu-sai 2023” webpage for more information.