From the 10th anniversary work of “Pretty Series”, called “Waccha PriMagi!” (Broadcast start in October 2021), the latest visual and 2nd lineup of latest characters have been revealed. At the same time, the additional cast members, inclusive of Shouji Umeka, Kohara Konomi, Sagara Mayu, and Ogura Yui, have been announced.

“Waccha PriMagi!” is the latest series that features the important concept of “Pretty Series”, “Song, Dance, Stylish” with the adore element of the children, which is “Magic”.
The general director is Satou Junichi, who had handled various anime, the script composer is Tsubota Fumi, and the director is Kobayashi Kousuke, who had handled the series for 10 years. The animation is being produced by both Tatsunoko Production and Dongwoo A&E.

The latest visual featuring the main protagonist “Hibino Matsuri” and the magician “Myamu” along with the announcement of the 2nd lineup of the latest characters with their voice actors.
The 3rd middle school student, who is adored by her junior, “Sumeragi Amane” is voiced by Shouji Umeka, Amane’s partner magician “Patano” is voiced by Kohara Konomi, the sly yet cute “Amauri Miruki” is voiced by Sagara Mayu, and Miruki’s partner magician “Hanitan” is voiced by Ogura Yui.

Also, the voice actor of the mysterious girl, who is knowledgeable on Mechka, “Omega Auru” will be handled by the winner of the “NEXT Seiyuu Artist Audition” that was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of “Pretty Series”.
Do look forward to the future announcement to check out the chosen voice for “Auru” from the approximately 1,500 applicants.

“Waccha PriMagi!” will start in October.
Also, the situation of “NEXT Seiyuu Artist Audition” will be broadcast at 10:30 AM every Sunday on the YouTube “Chao Channel”.

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