The latest work of the “Pretty Series” and also the commemorative 10th anniversary work is “Waccha PriMagi!”. The broadcast will start in October 2021, and the teaser visual has been released.

“Pretty Series” is an anime series based on the amusement game developed by Takara Tomy Arts and syn Sophia.
The TV anime “Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream” was broadcast in April 2011, follow by “Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future” and “Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live” that were broadcast for a total of 3 years. After that, “PriPara” and “Idol Time PriPara” with a new world setting was broadcast for 4 years, and “Kiratto Pri☆chan” was broadcast for 3 years. Currently, “Pretty All Friends Selection” is being broadcast that reviews back on the historical works.

This time, it was announced that “Waccha PriMagi!” will be the latest contents to commemorate the 10th anniversary of “Pretty Series”. “Waccha PriMagi!” will have all the important concepts of “Pretty Series”, which are “Songs, Dance, and Stylish”, along with the latest concept, which is “magic”.

The production will be done by Tatsunoko Production Co., Ltd. and DONGWOO A&E. The general director is Satou Junichi, who handled “ARIA” and “Ojamajo Doremi”, and the series composition is handled by Tsubota Fumi, who handles the series for 7 years. The director will be Kobayashi Kousuke, who had handled the series for 10 years.
Also together with the anime broadcast, the new amusement game “Waccha PriMagi!” will be available on the arcade center in October 2021.

“Waccha PriMagi!” will start broadcasting in October 2021, on the 6 networks of TV Tokyo affiliated channels.

(C)T-ARTS / syn Sophia / TV Tokyo / PM Production Committee