“10th Anniversary Project” of ”Pretty Series”, which is known for various media such as anime, game, and real events, has been started from Jul. 15, 2020. Along with that, a new visual of “Ring Marry” from “Kiratto Pri☆Chan”, the group of Kanamori Maria and Kurokawa Suzu, has also been released.

Originally, “Pretty Series” has started with “Pretty Rhythm: Mini Skirt”, an amusement game for girls, which was released on Jul. 15, 2010.
TV anime series “Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream” had been broadcast from Apr., 2011.. Furthermore, it has been working on the so-called “Live Fit Expansion”, releasing anime, amusement games, real fashion, events, and others for 10 years to pursue the concept “to cheer for girls' dream”.

Finally now, the “10th Anniversary Project” has started from Jul. 15, 2020. In the autumn broadcast of “Kiratto Pri☆Chan” Season 3, which is currently being broadcast, Aira, Mia, Naru, Laala, Yui, and Mirai, the protagonists of the past ”Pretty Series”, will be held a special CG live.

Besides that, “Hapi Pri Memorial”, a memorial project to recall famous scenes of the past ”Pretty Series”, ”Pretty Series 10th Anniversary × Prism Stone Cafe”, a collaboration cafe, where the members of “Kiratto Pri☆Chan” and the old characters extend a new story, the release of ”Pretty Series” Jacket Illustration Goods, “Pretty All Friends”, the gorgeous celebrity team with a famous characters from the past series, have also been announced.

A new visual and clothes of group “Ring Marry” from “Kiratto Pri☆Chan”, the group of Kanamori Maria and Kurokawa Suzu, and an idol figure of Rabbily, a mysterious mascot, have also been revealed. Please look forward to seeing how “Ring Marry” is going to be shown in the story.

”Pretty Series” 10th Anniversary Project has been started from Jul. 15. 2020. Please check out detailed information on the special website.

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