“Say You To Yoasobi Tue. 【Shimono Hiro × Uchida Maaya】#7” hosted by Shimono Hiro and Uchida Maaya was broadcast on “ABEMA” on Jul. 7, 2020. In this broadcast on Tanabata day, Shimono and Uchida challenged a variety of quizzes and games titled “Tanabata Challenge 7!”

The show started off with a paper puppet theater of the “Tanabata Legend”, which is the origin of Tanabata. Shimono as narrator/Hikoboshi and Uchida as Orihime introduced the story of the two.

When the camera returns to the studio, Shimono was dressed in Hikoboshi's costume, and Uchida was dressed in Orihime's costume. “We didn't think they would have such authentic costumes ready for us!” The two seemed to be enjoying their Chinese-style clothes, which they rarely get to wear.
The viewers commented pressing their outfits, “You're so cute!”, “They look like they're having fun,” and “I want all people to watch this…”

In the broadcast, there was a project titled “Tanabata Challenge 7!” in which they challenged quizzes and games. There was a special prize of expensive somen prepared for them if they reached a certain score, which strongly motivated them.
However, both Shimono and Uchida struggled with the well thought out quizzes. And in the challenge of playing “Tanabata-sam” with handbells, they had to remember the notes during the 5 minutes of practice. They took on the difficult challenge of playing handbells for the first time.

“I wonder if I can remember this…” “It's so difficult!” The two struggled with the difficult challenge of not missing a single note, but finally got it right after a few tries. They kept their reputations as artists and said in relief, “I was so nervous!”, “I'm glad we got it done!”

In the second half of the show, they announced that “Say You To Yoasobi” will be suspended from Jul. 13 through 17, and instead will have a re-run of the past episodes of MC Selection. On Jul. 14, “Special Edition #3”, which was the “episode in which the hosts carried school bags (because it was Children's Day), pointing the show in the direction of cosplaying on memorial days”, will be streamed.

“Say You To Yoasobi Tue. 【Shimono Hiro × Uchida Maaya】#5” is currently available in the archives of “ABEMA”. By becoming a premium member, you can also watch “Say You To Yoasobi Premium 【Shimono Hiro × Uchida Maaya】#5”, which has special footage.

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