It has been decided that the July 2020 issue of the monthly voice actor information magazine “Seiyu Animedia” will be reprinted. Eguchi Takuya, the voice actor of anime series “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected”, appeared on the cover.

Cover of the “Seiyu Animedia” Jul. 2020 issue features the TV anime series “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” that will start its broadcast from Jul., and Eguchi Takuya, who’s playing main character from this anime – Hikigaya Hachiman.
On the 30 pages features the conversations between the author of this anime, including Eguchi Takuya, Hayami Saori, who’s playing Yukinoshita Yukino, Toyama Nao, playing Yuigahama Yui, Touyama Nao, and Sakura Ayane, playing Isshiki Iroha.

Moreover, the back cover and end-of-magazine content will feature Koyama Momoyo and Mimori Suzuko, who play characters in the upcoming movie called “Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight Rondo Rondo Rondo”. It includes the memories of this works and activities, the recording sessions of the movie version, and the charm of the theme song “Play Hym” in a round-table discussion and a solo interview.

“Seiyu Animedia” Jul. 2020 issue is priced for 1,345 JPY (excluding tax). Reprinted issues will be available at anime stores from Jul. 1, 2020, and pre-orders are currently available at the anime online stores.