May 22 is Eguchi Takuya 's birthday.

Eguchi Takuya made his debut as a voice actor in the 2000s. He won the Best Rookie Actor Award at the 6th Seiyuu Awards and is currently playing the main character in various works, such as “Given The Movie” and the “A3!” series.

Here at Anime! Anime! we also had the opportunity to interview the actor for ULTRAMAN, which production of season 2 has been decided.

To celebrate Eguchi Takuya’s birthday, we conducted an annual reader survey asking, “Who is your favorite character played by Eguchi Takuya?”. During the survey period between May 11to May 18, a total of 280 responses were received.
There were more female respondents with the gender ratio being 20% male and 80% female. The age group was about 65% for those under the age of 19, about 20% for those in their 20s, mainly focusing on youngsters.

■Nagi from “Ainana” is firmly on top!
The 1st place goes to Rokuya Nagi from “IDOLiSH7” with an approval rating of about 25%, maintaining the same position as in the last year.

Some comments were received, such as, “He's so handsome and cool! He's also fluent in many languages! Not to mention that he's an anime geek who loves “Mahou Shoujo Magical☆Kokona”… And yet he's able to seduce a woman instantly! I love all those aspects of him”, and “I feel like Eguchi has the same kind of spirit as him: he's serious when he has to be, and when he's messing around, he gives it his all. The fact that he's so close to the characters is the most decisive factor”.

Many readers also have commented on his linguistic skills; “I was impressed by his ability to use a unique pronunciation, which is characteristic of Nagi, even when he sings”, and “Even with his peculiar Japanese pronunciation, he is able to create a serious atmosphere. I also think that his fluent English is lovely”.

The 2nd place goes to Hikigaya Hachiman from “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected” with an approval rating of about 12%, maintaining the same position as in the last year.

Several readers commented that he has a twisted personality but still with a big heart; “It's cool to see him struggling while trying to think and act for others, even though he doesn't like to keep relationships”, and “Despite his tendency to loneliness, he can read other people's feelings and make sensible comments. I think it's very cool!”.
The series is still very popular, with the new 3rd season coming in Jul. 2020.

The 3rd place goes to Hibiki Wataru from “Ensemble Stars!” with an approval rating of about 10%, ranking up from the 10th place of the last year.

He's very popular since he's considered as the most eccentric character in the story; “He's been always seen as a genius character who surprises everyone with his funny actions, but he actually hides a dark side. I love him!”. His favorite line, “Amazing!” is also well-received; “Whenever Wataru does something, it always takes an interesting turn. I think that's also because Eguchi-san is voicing him”.

■Here are some other comments!
Kaji Akihiko from “Given”; “The reassuring voice of Eguchi-san is a great match to Akihiko's kindness and the strenuous situation he faces”.

Terushima Yuuji from “Haikyuu!!”; “He is the captain of Johzenji High's volleyball team who 'plays just for fun'. His cheerful personality and Eguchi's voice are a perfect match”.

Asemu Asuno from “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE”; “I like his kindness and how much he cares about his friends. I also like to see him growing up while facing problems and new challenges”.
There were also some votes for Tsurukou from the gag anime “Aware! Meisaku-kun”; “Although he is a low-grade student, he tends to be a womanizer. I also love the part when he is teased by Meisaku-kun. He's so lovely and full of energy that makes me healed every Friday”.

Compared to last year's survey, the 3rd place and below feature new characters coming from several titles aired in 2019, such as “Given” and “Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH”.

■ Top 20
“Who is your favorite character played by Eguchi Takuya? 2020 Ver.”
1. Rokuya Nagi “IDOLiSH7”
2. Hikigaya Hachiman “My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I
3. Hibiki Wataru “Ensemble Stars!”
4. Sumeragi Tenma “A3!”
6. Hattori You “Stand My Heroes PIECE OF TRUTH”
7. Tsurukou “Aware! Meisaku-kun”
8. Julius Euclius “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World”
9. Koganei Shinji “Kuroko's Basketball”
10. Kaji Akihiko “Given”
11. Gouda Takeo “My Love Story!!”
11. Watanuki Banri “Inu × Boku SS”
13. Terushima Yuuji “Haikyuu!!”
13. Moroboshi Dan “ULTRAMAN”
13. Souei “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”
16. Amemiya Taiyou “Inazuma Eleven GO”
16. Kujou Kazuya “GOSICK”
16. Shingari Miroku “B-PROJECT” series
19. Asemu Asuno “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE”
19. Vane “Granblue Fantasy”

(Response period: May 11 to May 18, 2020)