It has been announced that the Netflix original anime series “Japan Sinks: 2020” directed by Yuasa Masaaki, which is the first anime adaptation of Komatsu Sakyou's best-selling novel “Japan Sinks”, will be distributed exclusively worldwide from Jul. 9, 2020.
Moreover, the trailer “Creating Human Bonds” has been released along with the announcement of the additional cast members, including Yoshino Hiroyuki, Ono Kenshou, Mori Nanako, and Sasaki Umeji.

“Japan Sinks: 2020” is the second Netflix original anime series from director Yuasa, who has received international acclaim for works such as “The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl”, “Lu Over the Wall”, “Ride Your Wave”, and “SUPER SHIRO”, and also received great support for his previous Netflix series, “DEVILMAN crybaby”, which pushed the limits of anime expressions.
The story takes place in modern Japan in the year 2020. The film depicts an ordinary family who is suddenly struck by a major earthquake and begins a desperate escape from Tokyo in unimaginable circumstances.

The trailer depicts the tragic moment when their ordinary life is suddenly taken away from the earthquake. It is shown from each family member's eyes, focusing on the elder daughter, who is a witness to the terrible impact that the earthquake had on the cities.
Amid their struggling lives, while being strongly connected, every family member makes a great effort to return to their normal life.

After being separated from each other, what fate awaits them now? Through her powerful words, “Here is my place. The place of my family is my place!”, Ayumi starts running while grasping the light of hope.

In addition, new characters and their respective cast members were also announced; Yoshino Hiroyuki as Koga Haruo, Mori Nanako as Miura Nanami, Ono Kenshou as Kaito, and Sasaki Umeji as Hikita Kunio. Each of them plays an important character who will determine the fate of the Mutou family.
Under extreme circumstances, the encounters with new people give courage to Ayumu and her family to fight for their future.

Furthermore, “Japan Sinks: 2020 ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK” will be released on Aug. 26.
Director Yuasa Masaaki and music composer Ushio Kensuke, who are both known for “DEVILMAN Crybaby” and “Ping Pong the Animation”, will work again together in the new anime series, which will feature 41 songs to create a world full of tension.

Netflix's original anime series “Japan Sinks: 2020” will be available exclusively worldwide on Netflix from Jul. 9, 2020.

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