The key visual and the main promotion movie for “Baki” Great Chinese Challenge Saga, the sequence to the Netflix original anime series “Baki: Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga” that will be streamed from Jun. 4, has been released.
Moreover, “REVENGE TOKYO”, the story of 5 criminals from the previous series that has been put the in edited version of the original manga, will become the anime as well as a special episode.

The original work of “Baki” is the manga which depicts fights of the protagonist Hanma Baki, who is the youngest champion of the underground fights, and the fighters of various styles. The story revolves around the death of his father Hanma Yuujirou, who used to be called “the strongest living thing on Earth”.
“Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga” had been adopted into the anime in the summer of 2018 as the Netflix original anime, and TV broadcast had been held as well.

The key visual for “Baki” Great Chinese Challenge Saga depicts the muscular bodies of Hanma Baki, Retsu Kaiou, Biscuit Oliva, and Mohammad Arai Jr., who are entering the ultimate Chinese Fighting Competition held once in 100 years called “Dairaitaisai”, in the center of the illustration.
It also depicts “the strongest living thing on Earth” Hanma Yuujirou and the previous winner of the competition Kaku Kaiou fiercely staring at each other on the sides of the illustration and implicates the fierce battles.

Furthermore, on this promotion video, the intense battles in Dairaitaisai, which the players fight for the title for the strongest man called “Kaiou”, has been picked out.
Hanma Baki fights as he has been poisoned, the greatest battle of the century between “the violence of ultimate” Hanma Yuujirou and “the ultimate skill” Kaku Kaiou, and other fights are waiting for the broadcast.

In addition to this, there was the line that says, “the death row convicts comes back…!”.
The 5 condemned criminals, who held fierce battles with Baki and other underground fighters in the previous “Most Evil Death Row Convicts Saga”, shows disquieting actions in “REVENGE TOKYO”, and it will become the anime as well.

All episodes of Netflix's original anime series “Baki: Great Chinese Challenge Saga” will be streamed exclusively from Jun. 4, 2020.

(C) Itagaki Keisuke (Akita Shoten)/Baki Production Committee