The key visual of the “Japan Sinks: 2020”, which is the most recent work of director Yuasa Masaaki, who is well-known for his works such as “Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!”, “DEVILMAN crybaby”, and “The Tatami Galaxy”, has been revealed. This title is a Netflix original series, and it's scheduled to be broadcasted in summer 2020.

“Japan Sinks: 2020” is a first-time anime adaption for the Kamatsu Sakyo's bestselling title, “Japan Sinks”.
The plot of the story is set in Japan in 2020, which was struck by a giant earthquake.
In the sinking island of Japan, Mutou Ayumu and Gou, siblings of the Mutou family, who live in the city,attempts to escape from Tokyo. However, unforgiving is chasing the family. The situation forces the four family members into the choice of “life and death” and “meeting and parting”. Facing this inevitable situation, Ayumu, and Gou with trust towards the future, learns the strength of living a “wise life”.

The key visual that are revealed this time is a worn-down photo of the Mutou family lined up with a smile, with Ayumu on the center.
The key visual is finished with a photograph showing the shocking scenery that reminds the situation straight after the earthquake in the background, yet the blue sky and the azure sea, and bright sunlight shining behind the photo gives an impression of hope in the future.

Through the story of “a normal family” that was hardly told in the movie adaptions of “Japan Sinks”, let's look forward to… how the story will fold out.

“Japan Sinks:2020” will be exclusively broadcasted worldwide in summer 2020, by Netflix.

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