The animation movie “A Whisker Away” will be exclusively streamed on Netflix on Jun. 18, 2020.
This animation is the latest title for Satou Junichi, the experienced creator of the anime industry who has been participated in long-seller series including “Ojamajo Doremi” with 20th anniversary and “Sailor Moon” with 25th anniversary.

■Stimulation created from a tag team of the top creator and the new-generational creators
“A Whisker Away” is produced by two directors Satou Junichi and Shibayama Tomotaka. Satou Junichi is the director who was a series director of “Ojamajo Doremi” and “Sailor Moon”, and created several other great works for children and young girls. Shibayama Tomotaka is a new creator who once participated in “Spirited Away” of Studio Ghibli.

Prior to double director production, storyboards are divided between Satou and Shibayama, and Satou is in charge of the last check as they match the changing points while they write.
When Shibayama looked at the storyboard of the experienced Satou, by looking at the dynamic movement of the protagonist Muge, he quickly prepared for himself that “this production will be a lot of work”. At the studio, silence conversation between the experienced and highly-expected directors was seen.

■The character images different between the people who watch the movie…Shida Mirai and Hanae Natsuki’s acting skills made them deeper.
The movie has 2 protagonists: heroine Muge is a girl whose first impression is that she is a strange , but she oppresses feelings and has a source of stress, while another protagonist called Hinode is a boy who cannot tell his true feelings.

Satou, who has created many stories of girls in juvenile age, when he depicts them he thinks, “both two understands that ‘this is where each of us belongs to’, but they act ‘not to cause any trouble’. I think this can be related easily by who lives at this moment”.

Satou praised the acting of 2 protagonists: Shida Mirai, who played Muge and Hanae Natsuki, who played Hinode.
“Shida-san played Muge free and easy. Natural Muge without any template came up. Hinode played by Hanae-san was deep enough that we could not imagine it just from scenarios and illustrations”. He mentioned that the characters got deeper by the voice being added.

■Appealing to cat-lovers!? Director Satou “I think the movie can be related by the people of various ages”
Other than this, Satou delivered a message to the fans who are waiting for the steaming, “I think the point of the movie is that this can be related by the people of various ages. I would be happy if you enjoyed the worldview that you found. Other than this, production studio was filled with cat-lovers. This movie maybe can interact with cats’ feelings? So if you are a cat-lover, please watch it (laugh)”.
This movie will become a work not only for teenagers like Muge and Hinode but also for anime and movie fans from various age.

Netflix animation movie “A Whisker Away” will be exclusively streamed around the world from Jun. 18, 2020.

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