The musical anime “Inu-Oh”, the latest work by the director Yuasa Masaaki that depicts the unknown popstar called “Inu-Oh”, is nominated for the special presentation award for “46th Toronto International Film Festival” (held in September 2021). Also, the character voices and singing scenes of two protagonists Avu-chan (Jououbachi) and Moriyama Mirai are revealed on the special video.

“Inu-Oh” is the story of the unknown popstar “Inu-Oh”, who has been hidden behind the history of Noh (Japanese traditional performance) that has been passed down over 650 years, and is directed by Yuasa Masaaki, the character design by Matsumoto Taiyou, the script by Nogi Akiko, and music composed by Ootomo Yoshihide.
It is based on “Heike Monogatari Kenou-no-Maki” by Furukawa Hideo, and describes the friendship between the real Noh performer Inu-Oh (CV: Avu-chan) and his buddy and the biwa player Tomona (CV: Moriyama Mirai).

This movie has been nominated for the Special Presentation Award in “46th Toronto International Film Festival”.
Toronto International Film Festival is the biggest movie festival in the North American Continent, and the movie winning the best award in this festival called “People’s Choice Award” will become one of the popular choices of Academy Award with great attention, which means that the film festival is “the preliminary stage to the Academy Award”.

The Special Presentation Award is also the target of the audience award, and this has been the first Japanese movie to be nominated after “The Wind Rises” in 2013 and “Weather with You” in 2019.
The reason for nomination is that the programmer for the festival thought, “It was one of the most powerful works that I have ever watched. It contains several original ideas and it was just as beautiful”. The great attention is gathered toward this movie in “Toronto International Film Festival” North American Premium Screening after World Premium in “Venice International Film Festival”.

“Inu-Oh” will be released in summer 2022.
“46th Toronto International Film Festival” will be held from September 9 to September 18, 2021.

Inu-Oh: Avu-chan (Jououbachi)

I always live as the queen bee, but now I got the opportunity to live as “a king”. “Inu-Oh”. I can be honest that this movie is my fate.

Please look forward to the release in the next year.

Tomona: Moriyama Mirai

“Inu-Oh” is the unexpected Noh animation by director Yuasa, which was produced under the idea of anything can happen because the story takes place before the modern Noh was established. I stayed together with the abnormal, sexy Inu-Oh played by Avu-chan as the Biwa artist Tomona. I believe this movie will tell you the possibility of Noh, which is the oldest musical exist in the world.

【Story Plot】
Inu-Oh is the demi-human, who was born in Sarugaku (another name for Noh) family in Kyoto in Muromachi Era. His face was hidden with a mask made of a gourd as he had been treated coldly by other people.
One day, Inu-Oh meets a Biwa player boy called Tomona, who became blind due to Heike clan’s curse. They exchange their art even before telling each other their own names. Tomona hits the strings of the biwa and Inu-Oh makes sound with his steps. Their own world and breath instantly expands.
“Our life begins from here!”
Inu-Oh expands his possibility with his strong dance regardless of harsh fate. Tomona resonates with another world through biwa to look for truth of curse. The two boys became the partner to survive the severe age and gradually begin to excite the people. What awaits them at the top level of entertainment…? The story of friendship between the popstar “Inu-Oh”, an actual Noh performer that had been hidden behind the history, and Tomona now begins.

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