The broadcast of season 2 of the TV anime “Fire Force”, “Fire Force 2nd Chapter” has been decided for Jul. 2020. At the same time, the main visual and PV have been released, along with a comment received from Shimabukuro Miyuri, who will join the cast as the mysterious high school girl, Inca Kasugatani.

“Fire Force” is originally a manga of the same title by Okubo Atsushi, which is currently serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. “Fire Force 2nd Chapter” will follow the 1st season, which had been aired in 2019.
“After a fierce battle in the Netherworld, Shinra and the others learn that the Evangelist's goal is to gather the users of the special flame, Adolla Burst, and cause another catastrophe to destroy the world.
Shinra, who possesses the Adolla Burst, gets closer to the truth step by step after encountering a girl with a new type of Adolla Burst.

The main visual depicts the main characters from the “2nd Chapter”, including Shinra at the center, the members of the Special Fire Force Company 8, the Evangelist, and the White-Clad.
The promo video shows the Special Fire Force Company 8 in action under the opening theme “SPARK AGAIN” by Aimer, making the viewers feel the beginning of a new story.

Furthermore, the visual and info about the new character, Inca Kasugatani, have been announced.
She is a mysterious high school girl who hates getting bored a lot and is always in search of danger. She was also known as the Fire Thief since she used to appear at the scene of a fire with her friends to save people in exchange for their goods. But one day, her true abilities awakened.
She is voiced by Shimabukuro Miyuri, who is known for playing the role of Kaede in “My Roomie Is a Dino” and Carole in “Carole & Tuesday”.

“Fire Force 2nd Chapter” will be aired from Jul. 2020.

<The full commentary is below>
Comment by Shimabukuro Miyuri

–Can you please tell us your impression of the character, Inca

Ever since I first read the original story and came into contact with Inca, I have the fear of not knowing what would happen to those around her and herself, since she is so honest with her feelings.
She loves thrills and doesn't really care about anything else, and the way she uses her abilities is somehow out of the ordinary, but I found that to be fascinating.

–Please leave a message to your fans.

I'm very happy to be involved in a work that is loved by so many fans and to be able to join the world of “Fire Force” as Inca.
I enjoyed the thrill of being nervous while doing the acting.
I can't wait to see the anime and feel the same excitement that I had when I read the manga, page after page.

(C) Okubo Atsushi, Kodansha / Special Fire Force Company Video Public Relations Department