“Fire Force” started the serialization in 2015 on “Weekly Shounen Magazine”, and it had welcomed its finale on “Weekly Shounen Magazine” Issue 13 that was released on February 22, 2022. To commemorate the finale, four big projects were announced.

“Fire Force” is a burning dark fantasy by Okubo Atsushi, known for “Soul Eater”.
All humanity feared it… The “human combustion”, where human suddenly got combusted out of nowhere and become a monster that manipulate fire as they seek destruction. The special fire force stand up against the fear of flame and was tasked to reveal this phenomena as well as save humanity. The new joiner young boy Shinra, who is called a “Demon” due to certain reason, is aiming to become a “hero” and he is devoting his life to battle the “Infernals” with his comrades.

To commemorate the finale of this work, four projects are being held on “Weekly Shounen Magazine” Issue 13.
The first project is the release of the commemoration signboard by the various authors of Magazine. Some of the authors are Morikawa George of “Fighting Spirit”, Arakawa Hiromu of “The Heroic Legend of Arslan”, and Wakui Ken of “Tokyo Revengers”.

The second project is known as “Let’s make Okubo Atsushi Sensei’s Dream Come True”. To fulfil his hope of “I want to fly in the sky just like Shinra!” and “I want to have the ignition skill!”, he went sky diving (!?) from the tallest point of Kanto and the ignition skill was recreated via the “explosion stance” that can be seen often in tokusatsu works.

The third project is the release of the commemoration official goods, and it will be featured precious finale goods that can only be bought here. Pre-orders are available on “Weekly Magazine Online Shop” from February 22, 2022 to March 31, 2022. A second lineup of goods will also be released soon.
For the last project, it will be the production of “Special Fire Force Identification Card” that will be given to all applicants.

The latest volume of “Fire Force” will be released on March 17, 2022.
Also, season 1 of the TV anime “Fire Force” (24 episodes in total) can be watched for free on YouTube, so do enjoy the world setting of this work via the manga, goods, and anime.

(C) Okubo Atsushi, Kodansha (C) Okubo Atsushi, Kodansha / Special Fire Force Video PR Department