The AR content from the anime "Fire Force" that allows you to experience being a part of the Special Fire Force Brigade was released in "dAnime Store" ! By using Facebook's camera function, you can choose between the effects of "Shinra", "Arthur", "Maki" or "Tamaki" that will appear around you to make for fun photograph opportunities!

The "Fire Force" AR content this time can be found in the featured page of "dAnime Store" and can be activated by pressing the "Start AR" button which will start up Facebook's camera function. Users can enjoy various effects that will activate upon detecting facial features, body parts and expressions.

Featured characters are "Shinra", "Arthur", "Maki" and "Tamaki" from the Special Fire Force Brigade as well as mascot characters from the Fire Defense Agency, "119(Wan Wan Nyain)". Enjoy your chosen characters to the utmost via photography or film!

(C)Okubo Atsushi・Kodansha/Special Fire Brigade Film Public Relations Division