The summary and cut-scene of TV anime “Gibiate”‘s episode 12 “Inochi no Hateniha” broadcast on Sep. 30 (Wed), have been revealed.

“Gibiate” is an original anime that depicts the human drama of the protagonists surviving in the wasteland world where humans turned into a monsters due to diseases. It is an anime that gathers the “legend creators”, such as Amano Yoshitaka, Serizawa Naoki, and Kodai Yuuzou, people who are active in culture scenes mainly with Japanese video games, manga, and anime.

In episode 12, Professor Yoshinaga has a sudden change, and Sensui and Kenroku are struggling. It revolved around the deadly battle with the thoughts of their fallen comrade in their heart!

Then, everything will be revealed, and the shocking finale is…

TV anime “Gibiate”‘s episode 12 “Inochi no Hateniha” was broadcast on Sep. 30 (Wed) on TOKYO MX and other channels.

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